This Memorable Actress Died At The Age Of 106

A Legend Recently Died.


We have many older actors and actresses who are living legends… stars who have been entertaining us since the days of the black and white film industry. Of course, none was older than Julie Gibson who turned 106 in September 2019. This golden age star was also a well-known singer and happens to be the last remaining actress of the classic film The Three Stooges. She then starred in films such as Bowery Buckaroos, Lucky Cowboy and Chick Carter, Detective. Nowadays, we don’t know much about Julie who hasn’t been spotted by the public for decades. She was loved by many.

5. Julie Gibson, 1913-2019

Married three times, childless, over 30 movies and multiple radio, theatre, and artistic projects under her belt, Julie Gibson lived a busy and productive life. She died in her sleep on October 2nd 2019. Let’s take a look back at her most memorable movies.

4. Lucky Cowboy – 1944

Lucky Cowboy is a short film Julie Gibson did in 1944. Although it wasn’t her first movie, it is the one that got her to become renown within the actors’ circle. Scripts and invitations to various Hollywood events started to flood towards her. Julie Gibson became an actress people wanted to work with. This western movie co-starred Eddie Dew, who went on to become a director of TV shows and movies.

3. Chick Carter, Detective – 1946

This movie is a classic for anyone loving the style of the forties. This movie is the perfect representation of the overly romanced life of detectives at a time where they were considered as mysterious and dark.

2. Bowery Buckaroos – 1947

Bowery Buckaroos is everything a western movie could be at that time! Every cliché associated with it at the time was well featured in that movie! Goldmines, Murders, Kidnapping, “Indians”, damsels in distress… These movie creators took everything they could associate with this topic and made a very captivating story with it. This is a classic movie and it’s such a pleasure to watch!

1. Are You With It? – 1948

Another Huge classic, Are You With It? features a very healthy and at the top of her game Gibson. She clearly had the talent to choose movies that were spot on the talent she had – and what was popular at the time. This movie is all over the place, once again.