These baby names people will regret one day!

It may be difficult to choose a name for your child when there is an infinite number of names, but some names should be avoided.


Naming a baby is exciting and fun, but also a huge responsibility: your child will have that name all his life! This is an important decision that often comes after hours and hours of reflection. One of the key elements to consider is whether the name will go through the ages. Of course, there are tons of fashionable baby names now, but will they still be super cool in a decade or so? Probably not. Imagine people called North West or Clitis in a retirement home…

To help you find a name that you like and that will resist the passage of years, here are a few names that should be excluded from your list.

20. Bentley

Of course, it’s fashionable now, but in the end, Bentley only reminds us of the car. And you do not really want your child named after a car, even if it’s a very expensive car.

19. Khaleesi

We tell you, when Game of Thrones is over, you might really regret to have named your child a name coming from an imaginary language, even though Daenerys is great. Imagine what she’ll endure in all her classes at school…

18. Nevaeh

Navaeh, which is an invented name representing the word “heaven” written in reverse, made its way onto the list of the most hated names of Baby Center a few years ago. Moreover, it is difficult to spell and just a little ridiculous. Your child will spend his whole life spelling and explaining his name.

17. Jayden

The names ending with -ayden are great and super popular at the moment, but we feel like they will be extremely overused in the next decade. Jayden will probably be the next John, that is, you will know 9485 of them and never choose that name for your child.

16. Destiny

Destiny is also on the list of names of the most hated babies’ names, and in 10 years people will probably wonder why, on Earth, it was a name.

15. Cullen

Cullen has grown in popularity thanks to the Twilight movies and now that the madness surrounding this series has ended, we are over it. Imagine in 10 years, you will probably have moved on and the vampires will not look as cool as they were for some of us back then.

14. Madison

Not only is Madison overused, but it’s the name of a famous street in New York City and a city in Wisconsin. It was made popular by the Splash movie, but even the character of Tom Hanks told his mermaid friend that this is not a name. One of these days he is condemned to lose his popularity.

13. Jaxon

These days, Jaxon and Jackson are very popular boys names, but in a decade … not so much.

12. Penny

Of course, Penny is cute, but still your child is basically named after something worth a penny. Your child is worth more than that.

11. Saint

Kim Kardashian has named his son Saint, which means that there are many others who have done the same or will, but the tendency of these “power names” (Saint, Royal, etc.) certainly will not hold on with years.

10. Isabella

Isabella is another name that has been one of the most popular girl names in recent years and that will probably seem a bit ridiculous when there will be full classes of Bellas.

9. Hayes

If names like Hayes, Briggs and Yates are trending in 2017. By 2027, we feel this will be a long-forgotten trend.

8. Brooklyn

In 10 years, all these names of places will certainly have passed from fashion.

7. Anything that can have “Ellie” or “Addie” as nickname

There are tons of popular names of babies in 2017 that can be reduced to Addie (Addison, Adalynn, Adalyn, Adeline) or Ellie (Ella, Eleanor, Eliana, Elena), and this trend will probably be totally gone in a few years.

6. Bear

Alicia Silverstone named her child Bear a few years ago and about 130 boys received this name in 2016. What ?! How can you name your baby after an animal? What about it in another decade? You should be put on a trial if you name your baby like that.

5. Emma

Although there is nothing offensive to the name Emma, it has always been one of the most popular girl names for years, which inevitably means that a fall will occur and it will be outdated sooner or later… So, just spend a little more time and find a better name for your girl.

4. Blaze

It’s nice, it’s different, but it will also look ridiculous in a few years, especially when Blaze will have to present himself to have his master’s degree et for an important job interview.

3. Hudson

In 1995, Hudson was at the bottom of the list of popular boys names and now it is much closer to the top. You can bet that in a few other years, the trends will turn again.

2. Jagger

Jagger, which is often a tribute to Mick Jagger, is probably the one that seemed to be a good idea initially. It has also become a popular name for boys and girls – Ashlee Simpson named her daughter Jagger in 2015. But if you want to save some mockeries to your kid, don’t name him or her that.

1. Finn

Finn, and variations like Finley and Finnegan, are higher on charters of popularity each year. What was once a solid name who any true Irish who would like to celebrate its roots from the Irish mythology is on the way to become an overused name that parents will soon regret.

Source: Livingly