Best IKEA Products for 2020


World’s largest furniture retailer for over 10 years, IKEA has changed the landscape of home décor by selling stylish goods at prices everyone can afford. Its giant stores, complete with restaurants, creches and flat-pack furniture are by now well established in pop culture lore. Here are some of the picks from IKEA’s new catalog that you can look forward to in 2020—some of them are even available now.

19. Flottebo sofa

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The Flottebo’s selling point is its moveable/removable cushions, which can be adjusted in any number of permutations to allow you to sit, recline, or lie down—the anti-slip material ensures they will stay in place. When you want to use the sofa as a bed, simply remove the cushions entirely and store them in the base. Then, enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep supported by individually wrapped pocket springs. The sofa can be fixed with a Signum holder with Koppla socket, giving you easy access to a power source, as well as a bespoke side table for your coffee or bedside lamp.

18. Pencil-shaped LED lamps


The Pelarboj ($24.99) is a pencil-shaped lamp with an LED light that emits a range of fun colors. It’s marketed for children—and has therefore gone through extremely stringent safety testing—but will equally bring joy to the young-at-heart.

17. Accessible furniture


The Omtänksam collection is designed to cater the needs of people with mobility issues or other specialized ergonomic needs, all while retaining the simple stylishness that IKEA is known for. It includes a dining chair with an extra-wide back for added support while sitting down or standing up, as well as an armchair with elevated armrests and inbuilt pockets for storing things like the remote control or reading glasses. Set to launch in May 2020, the collection will soon include helpful items for the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen as well. We dare to say it will be a must for any retirement home, or for any senior still living at home.

16. Storjorm mirror


The Storjorm mirror ($99) features an integrated LED light that provides diffuse illumination for your bathroom while using just 15% of the energy and lasting 20 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. This is a wired-in device, so you’ll need an electrician to install it. Still, a great investment.

15. Nikkeby Clothes Rack


Similar to its companion dresser, the Nikkeby clothes rack ($50) is a great way to organize clothes, bags, scarves, and shoes that you use regularly and ordinarily end up anywhere but your closet. The lightweight unit can be easily moved to wherever it’s most needed, for example in the hallway. Its design would be quite a nice touch to a bachelor pad, if we’re being honest!

14. Robot furniture


Rognan is a modular robotic furniture unit that IKEA has developed in collaboration with Ori, a U.S.-based startup. It aims to maximize the functional possibilities of limited space: by simply pushing a button, the Rognan will transform to suit the time of day, for example by rolling back your bed in the morning. The unit itself sits on runners, so you can slide it to one side for added room to move. Ideal for city living, where renting a big space is often out of reach for everyday people.

13. Home-decor Speaker


Through another collaboration, this time with home audio pioneers Sonos, IKEA has developed Symfonisk, a collection of Wi-Fi speakers that not only produce great sound at an affordable price but also function as attractive pieces of furniture. We particularly like the Symfonisk table lamp ($179), which ingeniously combines an LED light with a subtle speaker base—your guests will wonder where the music is coming from.

12. Vimle Sofa


The Vimle is a modular sofa that can be adjusted in all sorts of ways to suit your living space and/or growing family. Its high-resilience foam cushions are comfy, but quickly regain their original shape once you stand up. The sofa is upholstered in IKEA’s Gunnared fabric, a durable polyester that feels like wool. The covers are fully removable, machine washable, and they well exceed industry standards for resistance to fading and abrasion. You can even add a headrest to the back of the sofa for added comfort. The sofa is ideal for hosting evening gatherings with friends and family.

11. Vonsbäk Low-pile rug


The Vonsbäk rug combines the best of both worlds: its tastefully worn, oriental finish resembles a vintage rug, while the durable polypropylene construction is easy to clean, won’t shed, and is compatible with underfloor heating. What’s more, the low pile is resistant to marking and makes moving furniture around easy. At 6’7” x 9’10”, the rug will easily fit under a 4-seat dining room table or a 3-seat sofa.

10. Nissafors storage cart


IKEA are renowned for their innovative, inconspicuous storage solutions. The new Nissafors storage cart is a compact (20” long x 11¾” wide) three-shelf unit designed for home or office use. The smooth action of the castor wheels means you can even use it as a drinks trolley! Plus, the steel construction means you can load it up much more heavily than a typical storage unit. We call that a smart investment.

9. Talrika tableware


The Talrika series of plates, bowls, and mugs ($8.99–$11.99 each) is a great way to improve your eco-credentials, being made entirely out of a renewable, starch-based plastic that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Naturally, it’s BPA-free as well. Created by the award-winning Dutch designer Monika Mulder, the set is elegant but highly functional: the bowls and plates are deep enough to minimize spillage, while also stacking neatly for easy storage. Perfect for home, college or even the office.

8. Karljan chairs


These retro-modern chairs are a steal at $35. They’re surprisingly comfy too, with a cushioned backrest angled to provide excellent lumbar support. We suggest mixing and matching colors to funkify your dining room; it will bring a lot of energy… to the table!

7. Lauters floor lamp


Continuing on the eco-friendly theme, the Lauters floor lamp features a shade made from recycled PET bottles along with a base made from sustainable wood. It’s classy and adaptable, too: the solid ash adjustable-height base has a section where you can hide any excess cord. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some mood lighting to your home, then this is a near-unbeatable option, being well designed even by IKEA’s lofty standards.

6. Tranget Rug


The selling point of the Tranget is that each rug is unique, being hand-woven from wool by fairly employed craftspeople in India and Bangladesh. Rugged and naturally soil-repellent, the rug’s flat-woven, indent-resistant surface makes it ideal for use in your living room or under your dining table (it’s 7’10” long and 5’7” wide). It’s fully compatible with underfloor heating, too. A must for people who are always cold in their homes.

5. Nikkeby 4 Drawer Dresser


With its powder-coated steel construction and perforated surfaces, the Nikkeby dresser combines unique form with functionality. Each drawer can hold around 5 pairs of folded trousers or 10 T-shirts, and IKEA markets the compact unit as a storage solution for the ever-present “pile of clothes” that aren’t quite ready for washing but aren’t fresh enough for your closet. In other words, it’s a perfect way to encourage tidiness in teenagers!

4. Stackable furniture

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IKEA is always mindful that around the world, more and more people are moving into increasingly small spaces. The 20 furniture items in the Råvaror collection—including sofas, tables, lighting, and even a mini kitchen—are not only compact in themselves; they also fold and stack neatly to make your next move a breeze.

3. Sammankoppla – A stylish Swedish-Thai collaboration

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IKEA is famous for offering traditional Swedish food at its stores. So, it was only natural for them to team up with Greyhound Original Bangkok, a Thai fashion and lifestyle brand that also sells food, to produce a fashion-forward line of homeware. In crowded and cramped Bangkok, making creative, multi-functional use of limited space is part of the culture, and we look forward to seeing what these two innovators in the field come up with together.

2. Practical storage boxes


So far there are few specifics on the Bygglek collection, but we’re excited about this new collaboration between IKEA and the LEGO Group nonetheless. The goal is to find creative storage compromises that encourage children to keep playing with their LEGO set, while reassuring parents they won’t step on a rogue brick in the middle of the night. Stay tuned for more in 2020.

1. Tie-dye duvet cover


Give your bedroom more “vibes” with the Pipstäkra duvet cover ($19.99–$34.99), made out of 100% sustainable cotton and finished with a groovy, tie-dye pattern on one side. The other side is pure turquoise, allowing you to completely change the mood of your room simply by flipping the duvet. This is probably the best option on the market when it comes to tie-dye duvet covers.