Best Grocery Stores for Senior Discounts

Living costs keep rising but your retirement savings aren’t getting any bigger. A few discounts on your grocery shopping can really make a difference. Well, you’re in luck!


Lots of grocery stores offer discounts for seniors. Below is a list of just a few stores where the older generation can grab a bargain. If your preferred store isn’t on our list, don’t despair. Check out their website for their latest deals.

12. Publix


Seniors aged 60 and above have been enjoying discounts at Publix for years. Every Wednesday, senior customers in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee can get their hands on great discounts and deals at their local Publix store.

11. Walmart


Walmart is a bit of an anomaly on this list but it is worth mentioning. While the chain rarely provides shoppers with discounts based on their age, Walmart stores offer regular and attractive deals across their departments. Whether you are looking for entertainment or sporting goods, grocery items or bits and pieces for your arts and crafts work, you can nab a great bargain in-store or via the Walmart app or website. Doing all your shopping there, including grocery shopping, means you’re saving your time, your energy, and of course your money!

10. Fry’s Food and Drug

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One of the US’s favorite supermarket chains, Fry’s Food and Drug, is especially popular and prevalent in Arizona. Operating under the Fry’s Marketplace brand, the chain contains a range of departments for different goods and services. Any customer aged 55 or older is eligible to become a VIP Club member at Fry’s. Also, visit Fry’s Food and Drug on the first Wednesday of the month and enjoy 10% off everything, VIP Club member or not. Spend less and save more for a retirement project!

9. Great Valu Markets


If you are over 60, visit a Great Valu Markets store on a Tuesday and you’ll be able to do your shopping for 5% off. This discount may be a little lower than that available in other stores, but if you do your shopping on a Tuesday, Great Valu Markets is for you.

8. Gristedes Supermarkets


For Tuesday shoppers, Gristedes Supermarkets may have Great Valu Markets beaten. You’ll have to be a bit older to be eligible for the senior discount at this chain (at least 65), but a 10% discount each and every Tuesday is on offer for you at Gristedes Supermarkets. A weekly drop of 10% on your grocery bills each week can end up saving you thousands.

7. Harris Teeter

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With 240 grocery stores in Florida, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, the District of Columbia and Maryland, Harris Teeter is a leading supermarket chain in the US. Anyone over the age of 60 can pop into their local Harris Teeter store on a Thursday, any Thursday, to get 5% off their shopping cart.

6. American Discount Foods


Most stores offer seniors discounts when people hit 55 or even 60. At American Discount Foods, you can enjoy big savings from the age of 50. Who said you actually needed to be retired to enjoy to benefits of being older? The chain gives all over 50s 10% off everything each Monday morning. So, do your weekly shop on a Monday morning at American Discount Foods and you could make substantial savings every week.

5. Albertsons

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Founded in 1939 in Boise, Idaho, Albertsons employs a quarter of a million people and has more than 2,200 stores across North America, making it the biggest grocery chain in the region. With 1,000 stores in the US, you probably have an Albertsons nearby. If you are at least 55 years of age, visit an Albertsons on the first Wednesday of the month and you’ll get everything at a 10% discount (at participating stores).

4. Morton Williams Supermarket

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Family-owned and run, Morton Williams Supermarket boasts 15 stores within the New York metropolitan area, all of which are happy to give seniors a bit off their weekly shop. On one day each week, Morton Williams Supermarket stores give over 60s 5% off their purchases. However, the weekday on which you can enjoy this discount differs across stores, so check what day the senior discount applies at the Morton Williams Supermarket near you.

3. New Seasons Market

New Seasons Market

With a 10% discount available to all customers over the age of 65, New Seasons Market is a great choice for seniors. The chain also hosts special events exclusively for their senior clientele, such as live music on the final Wednesday of the month. On Tuesday, military personnel are the ones to benefit from 10% off at New Seasons Market.

2. Hy-Vee


Any Hy-Vee shopper aged 55 or above is eligible for a 5% discount on their purchases excluding alcohol, pharmacy items, tobacco, gift cards, lottery tickets, and gas. There is a bit of variety in when this discount applies, with some stores offering the seniors discount on a Monday and others on a Wednesday, so check the details with your local Hy-Vee store. Still, savings are great at this store.

1. Piggly Wiggly


On both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, anyone over the age of 55 can get their hands on whatever they like at Piggly Wiggly for 5% off. As with New Seasons Market, certain Piggly Wiggly stores offer military personnel a discount on selected days.