20 Things Airlines Don’t Tell You

You've probably already been on a plane. So you are aware of how an airport works. However, employees know much more than you do. Discover some of their secrets...


Most people have already flown or, at least, have a fairly general idea of how an airport works. They know, for example, that flying often requires a fairly long waiting period and that certain rules must be followed to get into the aircraft. There are however many things that only airport employees and people in the business know. Here are 20 things you probably don’t know everything about around airports. These secrets were revealed to us by airline personnel.

21. You don’t eat very well on a plane

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If you think you are well fed when you fly well, think again! The food you are being served and the snack you purchase are far from healthy. Indeed, it is filled with sugar, salt, carbohydrates, and fat.

20. Flight attendants take a close look at you as you enter the plane

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When you enter the plane, not only do the flight attendants tell you where to sit, but they also observe to see if you will need help or treatment during the flight. They note passenger nervousness, disabilities, etc.

19. Your luggage is damaged, here’s why!

Some employees are paid to throw your luggage! Therefore, if your beautiful suitcase is damaged, it is probably for that very reason. Now that you know this, if you buy fragile souvenirs during your holiday, try to protect them by wrapping them in several layers of clothing and think about purchasing travel insurance.

18. Airports are equipped with behavioral cameras

If you are worried about getting on a plane with aggressive people, you can put that fear aside. Indeed, airports have behavioral cameras that allow them to check the aggressiveness degrees of all passengers.

17. Your bags are constantly checked

Do not try to carry anything other than what is allowed in your luggage if you don’t want to have to call your attorney as it is constantly checked by dogs. These animals are trained to detect narcotics and explosives.

16. Be careful with your visa

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Always check to see if your visa is up to date before you arrive at your destination. If you do, you may be deported from the country. At least the airline pays for the return ticket so you won’t have to go bankrupt.

15. Flight attendants don’t have a dream job

Contrary to what one might think, enjoying a payday as a flight attendant is far from ideal. Although salaries vary from airline to airline, many flight attendants are only paid when the aircraft is in flight. Also, despite some benefits (such as travel discounts), employees must get used to jet lag.

14. The pilot has a lot of power

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The pilot does not just have control over the commands and software of his aircraft. He also has control over the entire aircraft. As a result, he or she makes the decisions in the event of a crisis (for example, handcuffing a passenger).

13. Airport employees may be carrying illegal substances

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Unlike travellers who must go through security screening, airport employees do not have to do this. As a result, they could be carrying and trading several substances during their shift.

12. Be vigilant with your personal belongings

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It is good to have confidence in airport employees, but we suggest that you be vigilant with your valuable personal belongings. Employees have already been fired for stealing travellers’ credit cards and other possessions.

11. Airport restaurants are open 24 hours a day

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Given the multitude of people traveling through airports, restaurants are always up and running. This allows them to cook food 24 hours a day and thus be able to provide for the needs of many travelers looking to purchase a meal.

10. Do you think your job is difficult?

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If you think your job is difficult, tell yourself that airport employees frequently have to work 6 days a week. Also, their schedules often vary. What we do for a pay check.

9. You never see celebrities for a reason

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If you never see celebrities at the airport, it’s not because they never fly, it’s just because they have their terminal and entrance. It is a way for them to avoid crowds. What can’t money buy?

8. Be careful what you handle

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Be aware that employees may know that you have handled narcotics by asking you to rub your hands on a wipe and then analyze it in a special machine. It is, therefore, better to be careful about the products you touch before you go on holiday unless you want to trade that vacation rental for a jail cell!

7. VIP lounges are a win-win situation for everyone


VIP lounges are as beneficial for employees as they are for travellers. Indeed, these places are perfect for relaxing if you have a long layover. You will find calm and comfort. Employees, for their part, say they bank quite a lot of money in tips.


6. There is only one place where you can find carpet

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There is no carpet except near the entrance to the aircraft door. The purpose of this is to help travelers channel relaxed energy (much like at home) before entering the aircraft. Clever, isn’t it?

5. The weight of your luggage is important

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You must respect the weight of the luggage. Why? Why? Because it can simply create a counterweight problem on the plane. Airport employees already spend a lot of time loading the planes, don’t make it harder for them and longer for passengers.

4. Bottled water is always a good choice

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When flying, never drink tap water. You can easily drink coffee and tea, but bottled water is still the most suitable option for drinking if you don’t have health insurance.

3. The numbers on the runways are extremely important

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The numbers on the runways are very important because they indicate degrees and directions. They are between 01 and 36. So, 09, for example, will represent 90 degrees in the east and 18, 180 degrees to the south.

2. Travel at low cost

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One of the advantages of working for an airline is that you can travel at a low cost. Airport employees have access to substantial discounts on airfare and can purchase tickets for close to nothing.

1. Traveling with your pet in a plane is possible


First of all, it is important to know that a flight can be dangerous for an animal, especially those with a “pushed in” face like bulldogs, pugs and Persian cats. Some airlines allow your pet to travel in the cabin with you under certain conditions, but if this is a possibility, take it!