Do You Remember These Talented Stars?

The stars are everywhere. Some of them have a greater impact on us than others. However, they are an important part of our popular culture. Do you remember these celebrities?


Celebrities are part of our daily lives. Indeed, they can be seen everywhere, whether on the red carpets, on television or in magazines. Some stars, however, go more unnoticed. The proof: here are several stars whose deaths you probably don’t know about. They passed away without making the front page of all the newspapers. However, it must be said that they have left their mark on us and will leave a trace of their passage on Earth in the works in which they have participated. We’ll trade anything to bring them back!

1. Anna Nicole Smith

Actress and singer Anna Nicole Smith have left her mark on many people’s imaginations, to say the least. Certainly, the beautiful actress died in extremely strange conditions in 2007. His body was found in a hotel room. Could it be a suicide or a homicide? No one can say for sure…

2. Heath Ledger


Do you remember the cute actor from 10 Things I Hate About You? That’s right! It’s Heath Ledger! The talented actor passed away in 2008. His housekeeper found him unconscious in his room. This one died from intoxication.

3. Omar Sharif


Omar Sharif is a well-known Egyptian actor. He had a successful career for 6 decades. Indeed, we have seen the actor play in Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and more recently, in 2013, in Rock the Casbah. The man died of a heart attack after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, there is no recovery for this kind of thing.

4. Amanda Peterson

Disney via AP

Do you know Amanda Peterson? This beautiful actress appeared on our screens at the age of 15! She had her first role in Can’t Buy Me Love. Unfortunately, Peterson died tragically when she was only 43 years old. What was the cause of his death? Heart failure due to excessive drug use.

5. William Peter Blatty

Celebrity Net Worth

You probably know him by name. William Peter Blatty is the one behind the cult work The Exorcist that inspired the eponymous film in 1973. This one died of blood cancer. However, he leaves behind a memorable novel.

6. Whitney Houston

Wikimedia Commons

Whitney Houston is responsible for several major music titles. However, the one who made many people dance for several years died in a rather tragic way at the age of 48. The singer was found lifeless in a hotel bathtub. Cocaine and the effects of heart disease are believed to be involved.

7. Cory Monteith


Do you remember Cory Monteith? The Canadian actor and singer played on Glee. He was found dead in his hotel room. The cause of his death was attributed to accidental alcohol and heroin intoxication.

8. Tony Burton

Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage

Burton is known as an actor, but also a boxer. His athletic skills allowed him to get a role in Rocky. He has also played in a few small television shows. Enough things to fill your bank vaults to enjoy life before you pass away!

9. David Huddleston

Vanity Fair

Who doesn’t know David Huddleston? Famous for his performance of The Big Lebowski, this star has left his mark on many viewers. Huddleston died at the age of 85 from heart disease and kidney disease after living up to his roles in the movies: in great. At that age, he will have at least been able to enjoy his retirement!

10. Paul Walker


The news of Paul Walker’s death saddened Hollywood enormously in 2013. The one who was featured in Furious 7 died in a tragic car accident after a charity event.

11. Lisa Robin Kelly


Lisa Robin Kelly was part of the cast of That’ 70s Show. Although she was very successful in her career, it was known that she had consumer problems. She abused drugs and alcohol. She overdosed accidentally at 43. One would hope that she would spend more time enjoying life than consuming…

12. Richard Bonehill


Richard Bonehill is a very famous name in cinema, especially among Star Wars fans. The actor played the role of Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot. However, it is hard to recognize him since he is an alien! The actor died at the age of 67.

13. Brittany Murphy

Wikimedia Commons

Brittany Murphy became famous with the release of the film Clueless. She has played in many other interesting film works, including Sin City. Unfortunately, the actress died at the age of 32 due to pneumonia, anemia and drug poisoning. Strangely, her husband was found dead a few months later in the same place as Murphy… You don’t need a PhD to understand that it’s suspicious!

14. Chris Penn


Everyone knows the famous Sean Peen. Did you know, however, that this one had a brother named Chris? Like Sean, Chris was a filmmaker. He has been seen in Footloose and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The actor died at 40.

15. Richard Harris

Charlie Rose

Although Richard Harris is widely associated with Harry Potter, the actor has appeared in many films. Interestingly, in addition to being an actor, Harris was a singer, director, screenwriter and producer.

16. Nick Lashaway

Paris Match

Have you ever seen the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin? If so, Nick Lashaway’s face probably rings a bell. Certainly, the artist will not have had the chance to reach his full potential, because he died in a car accident when he was only 28 years old!

17. Rob Knox

The Rob Know Foundation

Another actor you probably saw in Harry Potter is Rob Knox. He played the role of Ravenclaw Marcus Belby. Knox died at the age of 18 trying to protect his brother from a man who threatened him with knives in a London bar… We hope his killer gets the trial he deserves!

18. Kenny Baker

Time Magazine

Kenny Baker is a famous actor of the cinema and very small! This launch was barely 3 feet 8 inches tall. However, this did not prevent him from conquering the big screen in Star Wars movies. However, Baker died of lung disease when he was 81 years old.

19. Manute Bowl

Balle Courbe

Unlike Baker, Manute Bol was very tall! Indeed, this one was 7 feet 7 inches long, nothing less! He was a basketball player with a big heart. He has built several schools and houses in Sudan. This man was a huge loss for his loved ones, but also for the people who admired him.

20. Aaliyah


The death of Aaliyah is another extremely tragic event that has stirred up the music world. The famous 22-year-old artist died while flying. Accident reports revealed that the aircraft was carrying 700 pounds too much… Initially, Aaliyah and her team were supposed to take another plane.