9 School Supplies You Should Buy Under $1 at the Dollar Store

Are you anxious about the return to school and the big expenses that come at that time of the year? We found school supplies under a dollar for you.


It’s a stressful time that comes back every year, back to school season. Who says back to school necessarily says a lot of shopping to do like clothing, school books and school supplies. In order to save money, why not buy some of the school supplies at the Dollar Store? It may not be a good idea to buy a dictionary or grammar at this store, but you should consider purchasing other items that are cheap no matter the brand. Here are 9 school supplies that you should for 1 $

9. Construction Paper

Kids use a lot of construction paper at school. At Walmart, construction paper costs $ 4.49 for 200 sheets, while at Dollarama you can get 100 sheets for only $ 1.

8. Scissors

Each school list contains scissors. It’s a great achievement if your child does not lose them during the year. More reason to buy them at Dollarama.

7. Posterboard

At Target, you’ll pay $ 2.99 for a posterboard while you can literally get any color for less than 1$.

6. Pencils case

The dollar store sells colored and cute pencil cases.

5. Calculator

Even if you have a discount coupon, calculators sold in supermarkets can cost from $ 3.99 to $ 12.99 for a basic model. If your child is prone to lose / break things down, you can not go wrong with a calculator for $ 1.

4. Class room decorations

If you are a teacher, there is no better place to find decorations for your class. At a party supply store, you can easily spend $ 200 for your classroom with decorations, calendars, stickers and posters. The same products at the $ 1 store will cost you $ 20 to $ 40.

3. Foods containers

Containers for food are constantly discarded with lunch bags. Buying expensive pyrex glass containers for lunches is not a good idea. Go for cheap plastic containers. You can get 4 for $ 1.

2. Notebooks

Notebooks can be an expensive addition to school supplies, especially since they are not technically on the list given by the school. They often cost between $ 5 and $ 10. Buy them at your dollar store and do not exceed the budget you have given yourself.

1. Clip-boards

Clipboards are great for taking notes (or doing homework in bed!) And a must for returning to school. Purchase one at the Dollar store for only $ 1.