22 Back-to-School Tips to Simplify Your Life

Summer is almost over and kids need to go back to school! Here are several cool organization tips to make your life easier and your kids happier.


Summer time is coming to an end and the children will soon return to school. For a successful return to school, it is essential to organize ahead. Indeed, this transition period, which is the transition from playtime to work time, is often stressful because it involves to change the routine once again. Here are 22 organization tips that will help kids going back to school.

22. Establish a storage space for backpacks, books and homework. Get you priority first!

Determine a space for your children to put on their backpacks, lunch boxes and other school supplies. This way, you make sure nobody forget lunch or homework.

21. Create a “parental mailbox” where your children can put papers that need to be signed.

20. Use a protective sheet to create a dry-erase task board and insert your child’s to-do lists.

Get inspired by this model or create your own and slip it into a protective sheet. Put it on a clipboard and let your children use a dry-erase marker to check the tasks once they are finished.

19. Use a large wall calendar to track family activities.

To make the calendar easier to read, use a color code for each member of the family.

18. Create a homework station by filling a supply bin with everything your children need for their homework.

17. Decorate clean, empty canes and use them to organize school supplies.

You can also use old cereal boxes, jars, Pringles boxes or cups. Let your imagination do the job.

16. Prevent distractions with a workstation splitter.

Just take a large sign, then brighten it with colored paper.

15. Use washi ribbon to label notebooks with different subjects.

14. Facilitate the morning routine with a set containing the products for hair care.

13. Choose outfits for the week, then put them in a suspended organizer.

If your organizer has more than five pockets, store the shoes for the week to the sixth one.

12. Buy bulk snacks and make individual servings at home.

11. Keep the books in the library in a designated basket. No more late return fee.

10. Use washi ribbon to reinforce the punches.

Prevent your children’s binder pages from tearing part and decorate them at the same time.

9. Put the school work of each child in a separate binder.

When the school year is over, sort all the documents. Decide what to keep and what to put to recycling.

8. Take pictures of your child’s drawings and create a photo book.

Rather than feel the need to keep each item, photograph your children’s artwork in a photo book that you can print at the end of the school year.

7. Make paper flags with paperclips and Washi tapes.

Use them as bookmarks for textbooks or notebooks!

6. Make a “Last Minute Duty Survival Kit” in your car.

Ideas to put in:

  • Pen
  • Pensil
  • Sharpener
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Hand wipes
  • Disinfectant for hands
  • Kleenex
  • Snacks that can last

5. Download a mathematical application like Photomath to check your child’s math assignments.

Yes, this is an app and it will save you much needed time. Thank us later!

4. Prepare and freeze sandwiches in advance.

3. Fill your pantry and let the kids choose the food they want in their lunch.

2. Put a Do Not Forget list on your door every night so you do not forget anything.

1. Get your kids used to their new wake / sleep program one week before school starts.