Target : 15 Back To School Secret Savings!

Shopping at Target is advantageous all year round, but it makes even more sense to do it when the back-to-school period arrives!


Whether you are buying pencils, backpacks or all your back-to-school clothes, Target is really the best one-stop shop you can find! We will show you how to get the best offers from Target for the new school year, no matter what you are looking for.

15. Get back-to-school clothes – such as leggings – from Target and save at least 53%

Cat & Jack leggings are among the best on the market, and they cost $6.00 per pair without sale – a price that is quite good in itself. But the Back to School Target still organizes mega sales of children’s clothing at the end of July and beginning of August.

In 2018, we saw a promotion on gift cards ($10 off $25 spent on children’s clothing) that reduced these leggings to $3.56 per pair!

Take a look at these comparisons:

  • Kohl’s Jumping Beans Leggings: $12.99, regular price;
  • Leggings Old Navy: $10.99, regular price.

Even in the absence of an impressive sale, Target still beats its main competitors! And the Cat & Jack stuff is really cute, guys.

14. Buy Cat & Jack school uniforms and save at least 48%

Back to school clothes and uniforms don’t have to break the bank. Old Navy and Target are two popular choices for back-to-school uniforms, but Target will almost always beat the price of Old Navy! Take a look at it:

  • Chino Cat & Jack Boys’ Uniform Chino Pants: $12.99
  • Old Navy Uniform Flexform Pants: $24.99
    • Bottom Line: The target is 48% less
  • Short sleeve jersey polo shirt for boys Cat & Jack : 4,00
  • Vintage polo shirt resistant to Navy uniform stains: $16.99
    • Bottom Line: The target is 76% less!

13. Use Cartwheel – even if you shop online!

Cartwheel lives in the Target application, and if you don’t have it, you need it. There are hundreds of coupons and savings from manufacturers and stores. Download the Target application, click on the Cartwheel button and load the offers that interest you.

Cartwheel offers range from a discount as low as 5% to 20% or more on essential back-to-school items. When it comes to back-to-school shopping, you can use all the savings you can get!

Meanwhile, you will find offers on back-to-school clothing, supplies and snacks in the Cartwheel section of your Target application. It’s a treasure trove of savings!

You should be especially on the lookout for discount offers on children’s clothing and Up & Up branded items such as facial tissues.

12. Only buy back-to-school shoes when you have a Cartwheel offer

We like to wait until there is at least a 20% discount on the Cartwheel offer to buy back-to-school shoes, but in 2018 we saw a 30% discount coupon code if you bought online! This is what our market looked like:

  • Buy 1 Cat & Jack Stacy ballet apartment for girls from Cat & Jack for girls $9.99, regular price;
  • Save 30% with the online promotional code;
  • Save 5% with REDcard;
  • Free shipping and delivery;
  • Final price: $6,64.

11. Use Target’s School List Assist to get the exact offers you need for your school without the crowds

Don’t you want to fight the incredible crowds in the Back to School Target section? This ingenious little service will help you find the exact list of your schools and help you to do your shopping, without crowds.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go on the Target website;
  • Choose your delivery method – pickup in store or free delivery if you spend $35.00 or more (or free if you pay with a REDcard);
  • Enter your postal code;
  • Choose the location of your store;
  • Enter the postal code of your school (I just tried with the name of my school, and it didn’t go up, but the postal code worked like a charm!);
  • Choose your child’s class.

All items on your child’s list will be displayed automatically.

10. Use the manufacturer’s coupons to get pens for as little as free!

In 2018, we received a $1.00 discount coupon on BIC pens in the Sunday newspaper. A package of 10 BIC pens at Target costs $0.99. Yep. We have free pens.

Even if there is no $1.00 discount coupon, there will probably still be BIC coupons to deposit pens at low prices to save on back-to-school purchases.

9. Buy Up & Up coloured pencils when they fall to $0.50 per box.

Target will sell Up & Up brand school supplies until the start of the school year. You will not find any coupons from the manufacturer, but the sale will allow you to get a lower price on coloured pencils than those of the major brands or at Walmart.

Look at the price difference:

  • Up & Up coloured pencils, 12 ct. Target: $0.50;
  • CraZArt Coloured pencils, 12 ct, Walmart : $0.64.

That’s a 22% price difference! You want to know a secret? These kinds of savings often occur when it comes to Target vs Walmart!

8. Take the one-subject spiral notebooks at Target when they fall to $0.25

It is quite possible that they will approach this price at the end of the back-to-school sales – probably at the end of August – so you will probably not get a much better price at Target. When you see that the spiral notebooks for a Top Flight subject fall to $0.25, we suggest that you get as many as your child will need at the beginning of the school year, then check them at the beginning of the school year in case they drop even lower.

Here’s the deal: you can probably buy a similar notebook at Walmart for about the same price, but if you use your REDcard debit card – which we’ll talk about later – you can save an additional 5%, which pushes Target into the best price range.

7. Stack a Cartwheel offer with an Ibotta offer, and you could get Crayola pencils for as little as $0.18!

In 2018, Target offered a 15% discount on Cartwheel school supplies. We combined this with a generic Ibotta offer to get Crayola pencils for only $0.18 per box! This is what it looked like:

  • Buy 1 Crayola Pencils, 24 ct $0.50;
  • Use 15% discount – Back to school supplies, targeted cartwheel offer;
  • And submit a $0.25/1 grocery receipt – any grocery receipt, through Ibotta.

Walmart generally lowers the same Crayola pencils to $0.50 for back-to-school purchases, but the additional 15% discount makes Target the best deal.

NOTE: Ibotta is a grocery discount application that allows you to recover money for things you already buy.

6. Fill up on hand sanitizer when the price is less than $1

During Target’s back-to-school season, we can usually stack a Target sale, a Purell coupon and a Cartwheel offer for an additional discount.

This is what it can look like when it happens:

  • Buy 1 Purell Hand Sanitizer, 10 oz $2.49, regularly $2.99;
  • Use 20% off – Purell Hand Sanitizer or Soap, 8 oz or more;
  • And use a $1.00/1 – Instant Sanitizer for Purell hands of 8 oz or more;
  • Total: $0.99.

Even if it’s not for sale, the same Purell sells for $3.50 at Walmart, so Target is still your best choice.

5. Buy sandwich bags when they cost less than $0.50 per box

This is an agreement that we enter into every two or three months and is a fundamental part of the new school year according to Target. Here is an example of what the agreement will look like:

  • Buy 2 Hefty Quart or Gallon bags, 15-20 ct $1.29, regular price;
  • 30% discount – Hefty Slider Bags, Target Cartwheel Offer;
  • And use a Hefty Slider bag of $1.00/2 – 10 ct or more;
  • Final price: $0.40 each when buying 2.

This is less than what you can find at Dollar Tree, so we say you have to fill up when these sales arrive, especially for back-to-school purchases!

4. Use the Target online promotional codes, then pick up in the store

Occasionally, we see an online savings code at Target, especially during the back-to-school period, which is not available in stores. For example, right now, there is an online code for a 20% discount on all shorts (SHORTS20) that is not available if I shop in the store.

To avoid this problem, we simply shop online and pick up our order later the same day.

3. Shop when Target offers gift cards to get at least $5.00 in return

Gift card offers may vary. The most common market is: “Buy two, get a $5 gift card.” Other common variations include:

  • Buy 3, receive $5.00;
  • Spend $20.00, receive $5.00;
  • Spend $25.00, receive $5.00.

Some of our favourites for the new school year are for clothes. For example, “Spend $50.00 on clothes and receive a $10.00 gift card.”

You can use any type of coupon – manufacturer’s or store’s coupon – while winning the gift card for this promotion.

2. If you are a teacher, get an additional 15% discount on everything at the Target’s teacher Prep Event

For 2019, the dates to remember are 13 to 20 July. You will need to enter your teacher number and you will receive a coupon to use in store or online.

It works for both daycare and preschool teachers! And you can use the coupon in addition to other ongoing sales.

1. Pay with your Target REDcard debit card to save an additional 5% on everything

Target REDcard is an easy way to save money. It is a debit card that connects directly to your bank account, so no fees or credit checks are required. The best part? You will save 5% on everything, every time you make your purchases.

If you are a frequent Target customer, then you need the Target REDcard.

In 2018, we even saw a back-to-school promotion that allowed us to earn $25 on a $100 purchase just for using a REDcard!

Note: There is also a REDcard credit card, but the offers are no better than the debit card, so we recommend the debit version for most people!