[Slideshow] 21 Home Depot Hacks To Help You Save Money

Working on a project or looking to improve your house on a budget? Get it all done at a fraction of the price with these tips to shop at Home Depot.


Next time you are heading to Home Depot, make sure to remember these clever hacks. If you purchase whatever you need from the general store with this strategy, you’ll never need to pay full price. So start renovating and finally get going with that fun Pinterest project that seems so easy to do (and probably will turn out to be a lot more complicated than you thought and will require you to call your dad once or twice maybe or maybe not in tears). Shopping at Home Depot will never have been so cheap! Here are 21 ways to save when going to Home Depot.

21. They have 110% price-match policy

And you should really take advantage of it. This means shop around. Check out their competitors and cross your fingers for better prices on an exact item. When you do find one, Just bring the competitor’s flyer. They will match that price and give you an additional 10% off.

20. Get a refund if your purchase goes on sale

Check out Paribus to get your Home Depot receipts sent to you by email and receive price adjustments. Signing up with the app will then save you the trouble and track if your item goes on sale. It will even get you the refund.

19. Get landscaping and spring cleaning done during the right time

The right time is Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale. From tools to building materials to landscaping goods, you’ll find the best deals of the year. The sale usually kicks off in April and it is very worth it.

18. Check out leftover wood pieces

You can score some useful scraps of wood for anywhere between 30-80% off. So if you just need a few random planks for a project go check out the leftovers. That way, they won’t go to waste and you’ll save a lot of money. The clearance wood pieces are usually marked, but just ask if you can’t find them.

17. Get a discount when spending over $1,000 on materials

Usually, only contractors use the Pro Desk, but it’s technically open to all. So if you are spending over $1000, more like $1 500, make your way to the desk and see if you can get yourself a volume discount. Make sure to ask in advance and aim for 10-20% off your total.

16. Purchase floor models in August

When it comes to lawn equipment, grills, or patio furniture, shopping in August and asking for floor models could save you money. You could get a 10-20% discount.

15. Get your tools repaired for free

Not only are each repair at Home Depot backed by a 90-day guarantee, but if your tools are still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, their expert technicians will repair them and file a claim at no cost to you.

14. Check out the “oops” bin

The “oops bin” is where all the gallons that aren’t tinted exactly right and up. They go for sale at a steep discount. If you are not looking for a very specific colour, we suggest you take a look and see if something is right for you.

13. Join their email list

And you’ll get a $5 off your next $50 purchase.

12. The online Rebate Center could save you up to $500

Looking to buy appliances and have it installed? Always check Home Depot’s online rebate center. You could find the perfect special rebates on refrigerators, freezers, and installations.

11. Check the aisle end-caps for clearance items

You’ll have to do some serious digging, but it could be worth it. You can find great deals in the clearance bins.

10. Use a little patience if you are not in a hurry

Yellow clearance price tags ending in $.06 will drop again in 6 weeks.

9. Reserve your moving truck online

Home Depot’s moving truck prices are very affordable compared to other companies and if you book it on their website, you’ll get 20% off : 10% for reserving online and an additional 10% for college students, AAA members, and members of the military.

8. Are you in the military or a veteran?

At Home Depot, all veterans get an extra 10% off on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. In addition, Active military personnel can get a 10% discount any day upon request. Either show your military ID or your DD214.

7. Keep an eye on Groupon and RetailMeNot

Both those sites sometimes offer Home Depot deals, so keep an eye out.

6. Sign up for text alerts to get $5 off

Sure, they are annoying, but it is the price to pay not to pay the price. Expect about 10 texts/month featuring special offers and design tips, so it is really not that bad.

5. Ask for 10% off damaged items or packaging

Don’t mind that little scratch? Pretend you do and ask the cashier for a 10% discount.

4. Just ask!

Take this one with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! So just ask for discounts. Employees can give up to $50 off every day without supervisor permission.

3. Save off kitchen and bath items if you buy at the right time

Home Depot’s Kitchen and Bath Event runs from mid-January to mid-March. You’ll see up to 40% off everything, so make sure to plan your renovations accordingly.

2. Teachers don’t pay sales tax

Working on a project for your classroom? Home Depot has got your back.

1. Live trees, perennials, house plants and shrubs have a one-year guarantee

Yes, you read that right. You can return dead trees, perennials, and shrubs for 365 days after your purchase. So keep your receipt safe, because if your pretty little rosebush dies on day 357, you can dig it up, put it in the car and get your money back. Pretty crazy right. Even crazier: if your trees or perennials arrive damaged, call within three days and they will deliver a replacement at no charge.

Source: the krazy coupon lady