20 Things Your Cat Does Finally Decoded

Cats can be weird creatures from time to time. Once you learn how to decode them though, they become slightly less mysterious.


Here are 20 signs your cat is going through something, and what they mean. Finally, understand your cat!

20. Your cat grumbles against you

Cats can make a variety of noises, including guttural growl, that indicates discontent. If it’s the case, give your cat space and slowly create a positive relationship.

19. Your cat swishes and twitches its tail

The tail of a happy cat moves like a feather duster, but a sad or depressed cat can strike quickly its tail. Can you find the source of the discomfort? Cats are creatures of habit and don’t like change.

18. Your cat gives you the killer look

If your cats look at you this way, you’ve certainly done something incorrectly. Did you feed them late? Is it daylight saving time? Well, too bad you have a life, because it should revolve around them.

17. Your cat climbs on the wall

A cat climbing on the wall means only one thing: they are upset. It can be a sign of depression; their bad mood could come from boredom, so be sure to provide a lot of stimulation to your cat.

16. Your cat swells when you take out the suitcatse


Cats can tell when you are about to leave them. Your cat is sad. Be sure to leave a t-shirt or garment with your perfume on it in their bed, and make sure your pet sitter is paying them special attention in your absence.

15. Your cat pines at the window

When you’re gone, your cat misses you. If you’re gone too much, this feeling can turn into depression. We wrongly believe sometimes that cats are indifferent to humans, when in fact they just want to bond with their owners. Be sure to interact with your cat enough.

14. Your cat avoids their favourite toy

Cats get bored with toys, so it’s important to mix them up or cool them with catnip. They simply need a lot of stimuli because they are natural hunters.

13. Your cat poops in strange places

If your cat poops outside their litter box, it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition, a problematic situation or depression. It’s important that you react positively even if that’s not how you feel when you’re about to clean up their mess. Cats don’t have the ability to interpret subtle social cues or understand that a negative punishment is due to their specific action. Instead, use positive reinforcement to help a depressed cat and make sure their bedding is clean and easily accessible.

12. Your cat suddenly becomes very fluffy

If your cat is squatting, has a hunched back, down fur and a bushy tail, that is not the time to pet them. They’re trying to appear larger and more intimidating because they feel scared. As a result, they might try to bite you if you approach them. Give them some space!

11. Your cat is ignoring you

Avoiding people is not necessarily a sign of depression, but turning away from you or ignoring you can be. Don’t force the interaction. Your cat might be upset if you introduced a new person in your life. Give them time to accept them, and don’t force the interaction.

10. They bite you when you stroke them

Has your cat ever asked to be caressed, only to bite or scratch you when you do so? This is called caressing aggression and it’s quite normal. This means your cat wants to control the interaction and that caresses too long overexcite them.

9. Your cat hisses and spits

Your cat is upset if it does that. Let them see that you’re not a threat. Start by letting the, rest alone, and later on, they will probably warm up.

8. Their tail is twitchy

If your cat has their tail down, doing quick back and forth from one side to the other, they are angry for sure. Stop everything you do that annoys them and give them space until they calm down.

7. Your cat sprays your walls

Your cat is a territorial creature that sees your house as their kingdom. If someone invades their space, they can turn to scratching the furniture and urinating on the walls to establish their territory in front of the invader. If removing the intruder is not possible, try to keep as many constant things for your depressed cat as possible.

6. Your cat pees on your clothes

No accident since they were a kitten, and now this? That is a sign of grief. It’s important to solve this problem before it becomes a habit. Talk to a veterinarian if you need help solving this improper disposal.

5. Your cat scratches your furniture

If your cat is not normally a property destroyer but has recently started shredding things, they could be stressed. They might be depressed or worried about you. Use a diffuser or cat pheromone spray to calm them in a natural way.

4. Your cat poops on your pillow

“Elimination” on your bed is a typical sign of feline separation anxiety. They use their own sent to deal with anxiety. Spend more time with your cat!

3. They swipe and scratch your hand

When your cat does that, you know they are frustrated! Handle them like a sad child. Nothing makes a cat calm down more than time spent with you.

2. Their ears seem to be preparing for takeoff

Your cat is upset. Don’t worry too much, but keep your distance.

1. They suddenly become very needy

Each cat has their own personality, but if yours changes their personality out of a sudden, it should be a cause of concern. They might be depressed.