The 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Visit!

Not all countries are safe. Some places are even considered dangerous for tourists. Here are some countries to avoid on your next trip.


Travel is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Indeed, what could be more exciting than discovering another culture, exploring unknown lands and meeting new people? Traveling is a way to open up to the world. Of course, it must be said that not all places are safe. It is better to avoid some countries if you want to come home in one piece. Read on to find out about the 10 most dangerous places to travel and the 7 safest!

17. Don’t: Ukraine

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Ukraine conflicts with Russia, so it is better to avoid traveling to Ukraine. The armed forces are involved in the conflict and are therefore present on the ground in the eastern region. It is also not uncommon for local populations to become involved in the conflict.

16. Don’t: Egypt


Although the threat in Egypt is decreasing, this is not yet the best time to visit this beautiful country. Terrorist groups and uprisings still exist, and the threat of attack is never far away. So you are better to wait until things calm down before traveling to Egypt.

15. Don’t: Honduras

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Honduras is located in Central America and has many beautiful sites to see, but perhaps not at the moment. Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is known for the deadly crimes committed there.

14. Don’t: Kenya

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Rural Kenya is home to many terrorist factions. There are often attacks, and we hear about bombs and shootings. Cities are generally spared, but it is better to be safe and not go to this country. The worst times to visit are during election periods when cities are taken by violent demonstrations.

13. Don’t: El Salvador

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El Salvador, while home to beautiful mountains, is also home to violent gang crime. Kidnappings have been reported in national parks and other public places. The country was disrupted by the civil war for many years and has never fully recovered from it.

12. Don’t: Colombia

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“Narcos” has been very successful on Netflix because of its narrative expertise and historical accuracy. Colombia has been ravaged by drug trafficking, political corruption and violent crime for more than 40 years. Organized crime is very powerful in the country, and until peace agreements are reached, all tourists are warned against this country.

11. Don’t: Venezuela


The evolution of the political atmosphere is simply frightening, and at the moment Venezuela is in trouble. The news reports problems of hunger, protests and a generally uncertain situation. The economic crisis is worsening and tensions are increasing. You should simply not all go to Venezuela.

10. Don’t: Yemen

Like many other countries on this list, Yemen has also hosted many terrorist groups. Rebel groups are known to detain American and European citizens for their political power.

9. Don’t: Nigeria

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Have you ever heard of Boko Haram? This is a terrorist group that has been ravaging the country for years. Add to this the fact that transport is underdeveloped and unreliable, and there are multiple warnings against travel to Nigeria.

8. Don’t: Pakistan

The Pakistani government and intelligence agencies have proven their worth by working against the US government. The country is home to many terrorist training camps, including ISIS and the Taliban. This is a place to avoid.

Now that you know which countries you shouldn’t go to, here are some much less dangerous places to travel. Indeed, the following countries are known to be very safe!

7. Do: Finland

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Not only is it an excellent choice to visit because of its breathtaking scenery, but the frequency of violent crime in the country is virtually non-existent. Here are some other good reasons to visit Finland:

  • The ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights;
  • Helsinki Cathedrals;
  • The opportunity to see Santa Claus all year round at his office in Rovaniemi.

6. Do: Iceland


With 97% of its population considered middle-class and the third lowest incidence of murder in the world, this country leaves its visitors amazed. Here are some other reasons to visit Iceland:

  • From mid-May to the end of July, the sunshine is constant;
  • The waters of geothermal energy are even more pleasant than a luxury spa;
  • Known as “Land of Ice and Fire”, Iceland has a plethora of volcanoes and glaciers.

5. Do: Hong Kong

The Hong Kong police are known for their politeness and constant surveillance of the region. Here are some of the attractions you may want to visit on your next trip:

  • Cultural diversity reigns in the kitchen, shopping, and nightlife;
  • Festivals, fireworks, and carnivals are present all year round;
  • With one of the best transport networks in the world, choose air, sea, taxi, train or tramway to get around.

4. Do: Norway


Due to the high work ethic and religious doctrine of the population, rural communities in Norway have very little inclination to crime. Here are some other attractions that make this country a good choice for tourists:

  • The country’s inhabitants are among the most satisfied in the world;
  • Enjoy the wonder of the natural fjords formed by glacial erosion;
  • This place enjoys 24 hours of sunshine.

3. Do: Switzerland

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Most citizens are law-abiding and wield firearms in public. Because of the government’s acceptance and the pride of its residents, the pro-gun policy seems to deter criminals. Here are some other reasons to visit Switzerland:

  • Nothing is more delicious than Swiss cuisines, such as fondue and chocolate;
  • See the Matterhorn and the Alps in person;
  • And once again, more than 16 hours of constant sunshine.

2. Do: Portugal


The Portuguese are too polite to be criminals. During your trip, take the time to enjoy some of the amenities this country has to offer:

  • Volcanic caves or beautiful beaches;
  • Natural and heated springs that offer an outdoor spa;
  • Eat fresh seafood anytime, anytime.

1. Do: New Zealand

Who would think of committing crimes in such a beautiful region? Other reasons to go to New Zealand:

  • There are beaches, glaciers, and volcanoes as far as the eye can see;
  • There are world-renowned winegrowers.