20 Countries Where You Are Not Welcomed

Be it crowds of disrespectful tourists or a strict political climate, these countries don't want you to visit.


O the joys of travelling, right? Well, not for everyone, it seems. Some countries are so fed up with tourists you will be poorly welcomed there, while in other places you will be looked at suspiciously and literally watched 24/7—hello North Korea! Here is our top 20 countries where you will not be welcomed if you chose to travel there.

20. Denmark


Denmark is a small country, and its capital, Copenhagen, has a population of only 600,000 people. Danes follow laws to the letter and really hate when flocks of tourists carelessly break them. They’ll even frown upon you for disregarding the traffic rules if you’re a pedestrian.

19. Somalia

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A visa is needed to enter the country, and said visa can only be obtained in advance at the Embassy of Somali Republic in Kenya, which isn’t exactly next door for most people.

18. Saudi Arabia


Citizens from Qatar and Israel are here automatically denied entry, and having a stamp from Israel results in the same denial. Even a stamp from Egypt or Jordan might become an issue upon entry as well.

17. Spain


Spain has so much to offer, but be aware that your cheap Airbnb stays there are ruining major cities such as Barcelona. This leads to price hiking, driving locals who can no longer afford their rent out of cities. You will therefore not be welcomed if you do such a thing.

16. Italy


Overtourism has killed more than one place in Italy, including Venice, where half the local population has left the town altogether.

15. Thailand


What was once a calm paradise has been taken over by drunk tourists who are destroying its natural beauty.

14. Greece


Islanders are fed up with tourists here, especially the inhabitants of Santorini, which was taken over by hoards of tourists. Be aware that you will not be welcomed there if you choose to visit, especially if all you want to do is find the perfect spot for your selfie.

13. Nauru

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Here’s to a great off the beaten path destination! On the other hand, entering the country is not a piece of cake since you’ll need a visa, which requires you to show proof of accommodation and return flight. Flights are also incredibly expensive to get there. Oh, and you can only get said visa from four places: Bangkok, Brisbane, Suva or Taipei. This probably explains why only 120 tourists make the trip each year!

A visa is, of course, required to come in the country, and this visa needs to be sponsored by a group, an organization or a citizen. Women entering the country must be met at the airport with a male relative or a male sponsor.

12. Bhutan


Bhutan requires you to get a visa by booking a travel package for the duration of your stay. This includes a daily rate that covers all costs (food, accommodation and transport) during your trip. Furthermore, electronics mare required to be registered upon arrival and will be verified when you leave.

11. Russia


Apply for a visa in advance of arrival in Russia, and register with the authorities within 72 hours of arriving, unless you want to be deported or fined when you leave the country.

10. Turkmenistan


Thought you could visit this country on your own? Think again. To enter Turkmenistan, you’ll need a visa and a letter of invitation. You can get said letter from a person you intend to visit or from a registered travel agency, which means you’ll need to hop on a tour at some point.

Upon arrival, you need to complete a migration card which you must have on you at all times, and you need to register with authorities for a visit lasting longer than three days.

9. Uzbekistan


This is a country that has a lot to offer travellers but obtaining a visa needs to be done well in advance.

8. Angola


To travel here, you’ll need a visa (obtained before entering the country), a criminal clearance certificate in both English and Portuguese, proof of a return flight and proof that you received the Yellow Fever Vaccine.

7. China


Getting your Chinese visa is a lengthy and costly process, but of course, it can be done. If you planned to travel to Tibet, however, you need to be part of an organized tour group.

6. France


Not that entering France is complicated, but if you thought you were gonna be welcomed in Paris, think twice. Local Parisians are so fed up with tourists and have no time for your English or attempt at speaking French.

5. Azerbaijan


You want to visit Azerbaijan? You’ll need a letter of invitation in order to get a tourist visa. On the other hand, you can do this through a travel agency if you’re not visiting anyone specific.

4. Yemen


If an ongoing civil war and famine don’t deter you from visiting, you’ll need to get a visa in advance to visit the country. In addition, you can be denied entry if your passport bears a stamp from Isreal, Egypt or Jordan. If you thought you could freely wander outside of Sana’a, the capital, well, no. You’ll need a special permission from the Yemen Tourist Police.

3. Syria

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Getting a flight to or from Syria is extremely complicated due to the ongoing war, but if you still manage, a visa will only grant you two weeks in the country. Moreover, having a stamp from Israel, Egypt or Jordan can lead to being denied entry.

2. Eritrea

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Eritrea is a country that keeps to itself, located in the horn of Africa. Its media restrictions have been compared to those of North Korea, and a visa there only allows you to travel within the capital unless you want to fill some more forms.

1. North Korea

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Sure, it is relatively easy to get a visa for North Korea, but you can only do so as part of an official tour group. Once you book said tour, the group you booked with will take care of the application process in most cases, but it’s simply impossible to travel on your own or apply for a visa yourself.

Professional journalists or media outlets are not permitted, and anyone travelling with a US, South Korean or Malaysian passport will be automatically denied.