20 Target Return Policy Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know!

If you like shopping at Target, here are some return policies to know. These could make your life a lot easier!


With more than 1,800 stores in the United States alone, Target is by far one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. And although the company is known for its low prices and irresistible offers, even the most experienced and loyal Target customer does not necessarily know everything about his favourite store. There are indeed many return policies that most people are not aware of. Here are 20 secret return policies to know for your next shopping session at Target!

1. You can return up to $100 worth of merchandise within 365 days if you have your driver’s license

If you have paid in cash or received an item as a gift, Target will allow you a return or exchange as long as the value of the item is less than $100. You will need to present your driver’s license to obtain a merchandise credit. The Target customer service representative will analyze the license to track your total annual returns. This protects the store from unusual and potentially fraudulent returns. As long as you pay with a credit card, you can return up to $100 per year.

2. Does your purchase not have labels? Don’t panic!

If you have a receipt or the card you paid with, Target will accept unused/unused returns without labels for the full return period of 90 to 120 days. So you don’t have to panic if you lose your label or throw it in the garbage.

3. You can dispose of unwanted gift cards at Target


Do you receive a gift card that you will not use? Be aware that some Target stores allow their customers to redeem unwanted gift cards from brands such as Nordstrom, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Costco, even if you don’t want to recover their full value. To make this exchange, simply go to the store’s mobile phone counter.

4. If you return items paid for with manufacturer’s coupons, you will get the total value of the item

Manufacturers’ coupons are like cash to retailers like Target. Therefore, if you return a bottle of laundry detergent that cost you $10 and you used a $3 manufacturer’s coupon with your Target application, you get $10.

5. You can wear all Target brands for 1 year and return them

Target has a one-year satisfaction guarantee for all its brands. The most high-profile guarantee is based on Target’s Cat & Jack clothing brand. Please note, however, that Target offers the same one-year warranty on all Target brands. Return items with a receipt for an exchange or refund.

This means that if you buy a Hearth & Hand crocheted blanket and it starts to wear out after six months, you can exchange it for a new Hearth & Hand blanket. You will probably not be able to get the same coverage, as chances are slim that the original is still available, but at least you will have a new coverage!

6. You don’t have your receipt and paid with a card? Target can check your purchase

If you shop with a credit card, you can literally throw away your Target receipts returned to the exit door. Indeed, Target can track your purchases if you pay with a Target REDcard, a Visa credit card, a Mastercard or an American Express.

7. If you return something the day you bought it, you will need a receipt

The TARGET system requires 24 hours before employees can view a purchase made with a card.

8. You can return an item purchased as part of a BOGO promotion

When you buy two items as part of a BOGO promotion, the item on promotion is always the one that receives the discount. If you buy a $7 item and a $6 item as part of a promotion, “Buy one, get a 50% discount”, you will save $3 – half the value of the cheapest item. If you choose to return the $7 or $6 item, your refund will be worth $1.50 less than what you paid. The $3 savings are divided between the two items.

9. You will keep all gift cards received, but Target will remove the value of the gift card from the return

If you return an eligible item from promotion by gift card, your refund will be reduced by the proportional value of the free gift card. So if you bought two Tide detergents to receive a $5 gift card and you return a Tide gift card, your refund will be $2.50 less than what you actually paid.

10. Target allows the return of beauty products, even after they have been opened and used

Most beauty products purchased in stores or online can be returned, even if they are open, within 90 days of receiving your receipt, or up to 120 days if purchased with your REDcard.

11. Music, movies and games cannot be returned once opened – only exchanged

Music, movies, video games and open software cannot be returned but can be exchanged in the store for the same title, for the same game platform or a different platform.

12. You have 120 days to return most items with a REDcard, 90 days without it

Don’t worry – even if you return something you’ve already opened, you won’t have to pay a restocking fee.

13. Have you bought any electronic products? You have a month to bring them back

Most electronic and entertainment items have an only 30-day return policy. Apple brand products, however, are only 15 days old, and mobile phone purchases are 14 days old.

14. You can return Target.com orders to the store and, in some cases, request a refund of your shipping costs

Return any Target.com order free of charge to your nearest Target store. If the order was defective, late or in any other way not in accordance with the advertisement, you may request a refund of your shipping costs from Target’s customer service department.

15. You can exchange gift cards

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One of the many little-known advantages of TARGET is its takeover programme. In some stores, you can exchange an unwanted Ann Taylor and Fandango gift card, and in exchange, the store will provide you with a Target credit (but probably not for the full amount of the original gift card).

16. You can always get a sales discount if you have purchased a product at a high price


Few things are worse than buying something new, only to see that the product is on sale the following week. However, this situation is never a problem at Target, since the store will match the selling price as long as you bring your item with the receipt until 14 days after purchase.

17. The store will match a competitor’s lower price


Not only does Target respect its own prices, but it also respects the prices of other companies. According to the company’s price matching guarantee policy, if an item sold at Target can be found at a lower price at an online competitor, that competitor’s price will be equal to that of the latter.

18. If an item for sale is out of stock, ask for a voucher


If an item for sale is sold out in the store, Target offers you what is called a voucher, which allows you to buy the item at the sale price up to 45 days later, provided that the item is replenished within that time.

19. Returns by post are free of charge


No matter what you buy, the company has a flexible and totally free return policy. If the order is over $35, shipping and handling costs will also be covered. (Shipping and handling fees are completely free for REDcard members.)

20. REDcard holders have more time to return their purchases


One of the many advantages of owning a REDcard is that it gives you an additional 30 days to return almost all items purchased online or in stores.