Growing These 10 Plants In Your Garden Will Keep Mosquitoes Away For Good!

You like to spend time in your garden, whether it's for gardening, swimming, sunbathing, having a drink with friends or eating with the family, but you're always bored by mosquitoes that are all around you? The solution to your problems may well be in plants!


Unfortunately, mosquitoes have arrived with summer. Indeed, one cannot go without the other and whether we are talking about mosquitoes always ready to bite us or simple flies that are constantly spinning around our heads, it goes without saying that it is very unpleasant. However, it is even worse to be surrounded by mosquitoes when it comes to the famous tiger mosquitoes, this undesirable little one from Southeast Asia who can not only be a source of allergies, but can also carry serious diseases such as Zika, dengue or chikungunya. Fortunately, in addition to the sometimes toxic mosquito repellents found in stores, there are other ways to control these tiger mosquitoes. Indeed, growing these 10 plants in your garden will greatly help you to counter the presence of these unwanted around you!

10. Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

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Catnip has two functions, one better known than the other: it attracts cats a lot, hence its common name, but it also repels mosquitoes as well as cockroaches and termites! Two for one if you own cats.

9. Rosemary

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This grass is ideal to grow under your windows, or even on the edge of it. In addition to being close if you need it for cooking, it will keep mosquitoes away from your home, avoiding finding them everywhere in your house.

8. Peppermint

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Already well known to gardeners because it helps to eliminate parasites and other pests from the garden, peppermint is also effective against mosquitoes. Its biggest advantage is certainly that it can grow everywhere, in the shade and in the sun. However, like mosquitoes, it has a preference for humidity, which is perfect!

7. Lemongrass verbena

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Everyone knows how effective lemongrass is against mosquitoes, so the plant from which it comes obviously does the job as well! Your garden will have a delicate and pleasant lemon scent while helping to keep mosquitoes away. It is simply necessary to be vigilant; well protected, lemon verbena can reach 1.5 metres in height, but it is very sensitive to the cold.

6. Garlic

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Yes, garlic is known to repel vampires, but in a more realistic way, it also helps to keep away not only mosquitoes, but also ticks, fleas and flies. You should always have some at home!

5. Basil


Basil, a well-known herb in cooking, is an aromatic plant with a very strong smell. This strong smell, mosquitoes don’t like it at all, so they stay away!

4. Lemon balm

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There’s always mosquitoes in summer, everywhere, but it always seems worse at night when you want to eat in the garden, doesn’t it? Fortunately, there is lemon balm! Its lemony smell is even more intense in the evening, which will help you to eat in peace.

3. Marigold

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Like peppermint, marigold grows both in the shade and in the sun. Containing pyrethrin, an ingredient generally used in mosquito repellents, this plant acts in much the same way as mosquito repellents, but without toxic products!

2. Odorous geraniums

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Once again with fragrant geraniums, it is their lemony foliage that defeats mosquitoes. They will give your home a pleasant smell, but will also help to keep these unwanted insects away.

1. Lavender

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Lavender is a pleasant plant to have at home because of its good smell, but having it in your garden is also very beneficial. It helps keep mites, aphids and mosquitoes away, and attracts pollinating insects!

Source: Jardiner Facile