11 wild animals that didn’t want to be photographed

These wildlife photographers had a surprise they did not expect. These camera-shy animals were not too keen on being in front of the lens.


Working as a wildlife photographer is a dream job. You get to travel and explore nature for a living. But not all animals like their life to be disrupted by humans. A few clever and courageous animals decided to retaliate in the best way possible: by disturbing the photographers’ work. Here are the best pictures of animals that had no interest in being on camera and let the photographers know as much.

11. I’ve Got Your Back

We are sure that this man wasn’t mad that this baby cheetah preferred being behind the camera.

10. A little bird told me

Birds tend to fly away the minute humans approach, but it seems like this proud looking bird was waiting for a selfie.

9. A second opinion

This fox wanted to take a peek for itself. We wonder if the photographer let it have a say in the final product.

8. Bear Hug

For this wildlife photographer, the expression bear hug just took a whole new meaning.

7. Close to Me

Although this photographer tried to lay low, but this cheetah wasn’t going to be fooled into posing for him. Instead, they lay next to him.

6. Sealed to the Ground

This nature photographer was just trying to take some pictures of seals on the beach when one snuck up behind him. We imagine there are worse things that can happen at work than being stuck under a seal.

5. Fur Friend

Kids just want to play. And it is no different for baby tigers. When this little guy saw the photographer laying on the ground, he saw a perfect opportunity to make a new friend.

4. Aggressive Subject

This golden eagle definitely wasn’t in the mood to be in front of the camera and he let the photographer know as much.

3. Nosy Deer

Did this curious deer think that the camera was a food container? Well, he certainly decided to see for himself.

2. Furry Apprentice

When the cameraman saw a meerkat family, he probably didn’t expect that their little one would be assisting him while he shoots his peers.

1. No Photos

When a lioness lets you know that she does not when to be photographed, you comply.