These Female Athletes Are Inspirations

It is now possible to be a source of inspiration while pursuing your wildest goals! Discover athletes who have pushed back many boundaries and are admired around the world.


Have you ever wondered what it means to be an inspiration to millions of people? Some people say that you have to behave in a conventional way in order to be a good role model. However, it must be said that times are changing and that people can now pursue all the objectives they want while being a source of inspiration. Therefore, if you are a woman and have always wanted to become a top athlete, it is now possible! In fact, some of the women in our article are among the most inspiring people in existence today. These women influence not only the field of sport but also politics and business. Discover them now!

15. Michelle Waterson – MMA

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It is impossible to get the nickname “The Karate Hottie” without having inspired it with something! Michelle Waterson has built a reputation within the UFC as a mixed martial artist. However, a lot is happening in Waterson’s life outside of his sporting career. She has made several television appearances, fighting in American Ninja Warrior. She also appeared in the video clip for the first single of Megadeth’s metal band’s album Endgame.

14. Antonija Sandric – Basketball

Previously known as Antonija Misura, Sandric is a female athlete in the basketball industry who has seen it all. Surprisingly, she’s only 30 years old. Sandric played for Croatia at the international level, with his best time in 2009. There, she helped her country to win a bronze medal at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara.

13. Aly Raisman – Gymnastics

Rolling Stones

Aly Raisman, one of 2012 Fierce Five and then 2016 Final Five, shone for the Americans at the beginning of her career. Since his Olympic debut in 2012, Raisman has impressed the public with his incredible performances.

Since 2019, she has had three Olympic gold medals, two silver and one bronze in her name – not bad! Raisman has also won medals in other competitions, including the World Championships and the Pacific Coast Championships. Impressive, isn’t it?

12. Hilary Knight – Ice Hockey

There is no sports star with a more magical smile than Hilary Knight. Whenever the hockey star skates on the ice, she always offers her fans a brief smile with her white teeth and caring eyes.

But be careful! This one is hard to beat on the ice. A nine-time IIHF Women’s World Championship winner, Knight played an important role in the American team’s Olympic victories. With his help, the team won two silver medals and one gold medal.

11. Jennie Finch – Softball

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, sports such as baseball or softball are not associated with the Olympic Games. However, Jennie Finch broke all stereotypes in 2004 when she played on the American team and won the gold medal.

According to Time magazine, Finch is one of the most famous softball players of all time. She was also included in the American Softball Hall of Fame. Outside of his sports career, Finch has regularly worked in television, appearing on shows such as The Real Housewives of Orange County.

10. Hope Solo – Soccer

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

Every soccer fan knows that a team needs a good goalie if it wants a chance to win. Team U.S. didn’t have to deal with this problem during the Olympic Games, especially since they had Hope Solo between the posts of their goals for many years.

Solo has played an important role in the current success of the women’s national team. She helped the team win two Olympic gold medals and several World Cup medals. Solo had many stories to tell in his successful autobiography (and fun title), Solo: A Memoir of Hope.

9. Paige VanZant – MMA

Although Ronda Rousey is the most prominent star of the UFC, there are other MMA competitors nearby. Let’s take the example of Paige VanZant, who has already had a significant impact on sport despite her young age.

8. Allison Stokke – Pole Vault

When we think of pole vaulting, it is difficult for us not to consider Allison Stokke’s accomplishments. Despite her success, the young star was the subject of public scrutiny after photos of her performance in 2007 were posted on the Internet. Most people think that this has prevented Stokke from advancing in his career.

7. Whitney Miller – Surfing / Jiu-Jitsu Brazillian

There is absolutely no doubt that Whitney Miller is an important addition to this list of female athletes. At first, Miller made a name for herself because she was crowned Miss USA in 2012.
Shortly thereafter, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in sport. She did quite well in martial arts, even obtaining a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Miller has also had a career as a professional waker surfer. What can’t she do?

6. Maria Sharapova – Tennis

WTA Tennis

We bet you know the icon, Maria Sharapova! At one point, at the beginning of her career, she was considered by many to be the future heroine of women’s tennis. At only 18 years of age, the Russian Sharapova became the world’s number one and won 36 titles.

5. Gabby Douglas – Gymnastics

Gabby Douglas, another member of the famous “Fierce Five” who made the headlines during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, made history in the sport. Despite a large number of talented gymnasts around him, Douglas still managed to get some of the best scores for his performances at the Olympic level.

4. Taylor Pischke – Volleyball

Reddit | u/rockbuddyw

Taylor Mackenzie Pischke is a Canadian volleyball player you may not know, but you should. Volleyball simply flows in his blood: his father is a two-time Olympic medalist for this sport. It’s good to see her join the family business!

3. Anna Kournikova – Tennis

Today in History

She may no longer be an active player, but Anna Kournikova was once one of the most prominent players in the sport. The Russian star came to the forefront in the early 2000s and won Grand Slam titles in 1999 and 2002.

However, she had to retire at the age of 21 only because of a serious back injury. Nevertheless, she has remained in contact with the media, especially since she married pop star, Enrique Iglesias. What an inspiration, even today!

2. Michelle Jenneke – Hurdler

Here’s another female athlete who made the headlines – but not necessarily for winning her competitions. The hurdler, who won the silver medal in the 100m hurdles for Australia at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games, is considered the most colourful sports personality.

1. Alex Morgan – Soccer

The United States team has reigned on the international scene for the past 20 years, and Alex Morgan has an important role to play in the team’s success.

The striker is close to scoring nearly a hundred goals for her country. The team won the World Cup in 2015 and placed second in 2011. It’s amazing to think she’s still in her twenties.