Here Are Some Very Rare Pictures Of The Second World War

You probably saw the Second World War in your history class. However, you will be surprised to discover these rare photos of this sad historical period.


The Second World War was the most devastating period in human history. It has made so much history that it is part of all school curricula. Even if you think you know everything about this sad historical period, you might be surprised by this amazing collection of photos. Most of us have never seen these pictures of the Second World War. Here are 15 extremely rare photos of the Second World War.

15. Hermann Goering’s collection

During the Nazis’ campaign to dominate Europe, they took the liberty of stealing art galleries. In this photo, the Allies had just discovered a large cache of stolen art and objects that “belonged” to Nazi officer Hermann Goering.

14. Seeing the truth

British and American soldiers have made it their duty to reveal to German soldiers and civilians the atrocities committed in Nazi concentration camps. The German soldiers were watching videos that their fellow soldiers had recorded. Many were unable to control their emotions when they saw the disturbing images of the Holocaust.

13. The Dictator

When Hitler realized that Berlin was about to fall, he called in reserve soldiers. He did not take part in the fighting, but Hitler married his mistress and they killed themselves in his bunker. This young German was just captured by the Allies and burst into tears.

12. Saving civilians

The Japanese population has been brainwashed as a result of mass propaganda campaigns. The propaganda told them that Americans were cruel and violent. This rare image shows an American soldier helping a Japanese woman and her baby from their hiding place.

11. Reverse roles

When the Allies liberated people from the concentration camps, they could not believe their eyes. This Jewish survivor of the death camp finally has the advantage over his former kidnapper. Although the Allies managed to save prisoners from the camps, many continued to die of disease and malnutrition.

10. Mini Hungarian tanks

In wartime, technology is always pushed to its limits as there is a constant need for new advanced weapons. Hungary has invested in the development of this “mini tank”, but it has proved to be ineffective.

9. Homeless Japanese citizens

After America dropped two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, life in Japan changed forever. The Second World War officially ended, but the suffering of the civilian population had only just begun. These homeless Japanese people are trying to rebuild their lives with everything they can.

8. Hitler’s retirement

Hitler was a lover of everything new and sophisticated. One of those things he loved so much can be seen here after it was attacked by American bombers. The famous Berchtesgaden hills estate no longer resembles what it was before the bombings.

7. Female Commander

War hero Aleksandra Samusenko showed incredible bravery. He was a Soviet tank commander and she is best known for taking her tank crew out of a deadly ambush while fighting in the Battle of Kursk. Unfortunately, she was killed before celebrating the end of the Second World War.

6. Close the kamikaze call

Kamikaze attacks were a frightening reality for those fighting in the Pacific. However, the suicide bombers did not have as much success as they wanted. Most historians agree that about 19% of suicide attacks have been successful. This Japanese pilot tried to carry out a deadly attack but was shot down by the naval forces.

5. Strange tactics

This image immediately makes you wonder what these German soldiers are doing with a bear. But the truth is, it’s a suit. In fact, the fascination for bears was quite common among German soldiers. It may also be a war tactic that we have never heard of.

4. You can’t destroy your mind

The man on whom the Nazis are pointing their guns is Georges Blind. He was a member of the French Resistance and, faithful to his ideology of resistance, he resisted until his last moment. Her smile couldn’t be wiped away, even in such a frightening moment.

3. Burn down the Belsen concentration camp

The British and American armies could not believe their eyes when they liberated the Nazi concentration camps. This specific camp in Bergen-Belsen was burned down after a British general ordered his soldiers to do so. The camp was infested with diseases due to poor sanitation.

2. The silence of a moment

With everything but peace around them, two US Marine Corps soldiers take a moment to relax. Such moments during the Second World War were rare, as soldiers were constantly moved from one place to another.

1. Belgian beer

On February 4, 1945, the Allies succeeded in liberating Belgium from Axis occupation. This photo shows Canadian soldiers rejoicing in their success with local Belgian handmade beer.