These Private Yachts And Jets Of Celebrities Will Leave You Speechless

Your favourite celebrities can afford private yachts and jets and they are not going to give up on their choices!


There was a time when rich celebrities used to buy expensive cars to show off their wealth. Now it seems that this is no longer enough. Indeed, our favorite celebrities are now buying luxury yachts and private jets that are even more luxurious than you could ever dream of for your simple home. You will not believe the luxury these stars are able to afford!

20. Brad Pitt

The actor purchased a Supermarine Spitfire worth $3.3 million. Dating from the Second World War, it has belonged to Brad Pitt since 2013.

19. Nicole Kidman

The beautiful actress bought a sumptuous Sunseeker Manhattan 74 yacht for a modest $2.5 million.

18. Celine Dion

The Quebec-born singer has a private jet with luxurious cuisine. The machine alone is worth $42 million, not to mention the annual maintenance of $3 million!

17. Selena Gomez

The young American singer, only 24 years old, is said to own a magnificent Bombardier Challenger 300 private jet.

16. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey spoilt himself by buying a Bombardier Global 7000 that contains a fully equipped kitchen as well as a master bedroom and a custom cabin space.

15. Robert Abramovich

This Russian billionaire obviously couldn’t choose between a private plane and a boat, so he decided to buy both! His yacht, the second largest in the world, is worth some $11.4 billion while his private jet cost him $500 million.

14. Mark Cuban

For this entrepreneur, an aircraft is not a luxury, but a necessity. That is why he bought a Boeing 767, but also a Gulfstream 500, for a total of $40 million.

13. Paul Allen

The co-founder of Microsoft certainly has the means to afford a little luxury! While there are many choices when you have a fortune like his, Paul Allen turned to a 414-foot yacht that can accommodate 26 people and has 57 employees.

12. Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page bought this huge plane in 2005. The latter can accommodate up to 50 people.

11. Billy Joel

Billy Joel, the incredible artist who gave us the song Piano Man, can almost be considered modest with his yacht of only 55 feet!

10. Bono

The singer of U2 owns a boat with a master bedroom, a jacuzzi and gold-plated furniture. It can accommodate 15 people who will be served by 17 employees.

9. Kanye West

The famous rapper does nothing by half, which is why he bought himself a Boeing 747, nothing less! Imagine, even Kim Kardashian finds this purchase a little intense!

8. John Travolta

As a licensed pilot, it goes without saying that the actor also has his own aircraft! John Travolta has set his sights on no less than 7 jets totalling $50 million. He even has his own airstrip at home!

7. Sir Richard Branson

Virgin’s owner, Sir Richard Banson, has a net worth of about $5 billion, so you can imagine he can afford anything he wants! Among the countless possibilities, the businessman has offered himself a 105-foot yacht that can accommodate 7 people.

6. Angelina Jolie

Mr. & Mrs. Smith‘s beautiful star owns a Cirrus SR22, a small compact aircraft that can only accommodate 4 or 5 people. Note that she has a pilot’s license, so she can fly it herself!

5. Tiger Woods

Golf champion Tiger Woods has bought a Gulftream G550, a 47-metre long yacht, where the golfer can invite 21 friends to enjoy themselves in the training room, Jacuzzi, movie theatre or on the water, riding one of the jet skis!

4. Dr. Dre

A rapper, producer and businessman, Dr. Dre has made a good fortune. He also owns a 241.47-foot superyacht.

3. Bella Hadid

The beautiful Bella Hadid model has her own JetLuxe, a private aircraft that costs her $100,000 each time she uses it.

2. Beyonce and Jay-Z

This perfect couple never ceases to surprise us. For her birthday, Beyoncé received a luxury yacht from her lover! An incredible 213-foot boat with a swimming pool, sauna, patio, helipad and Jacuzzi.

1. Drake

By 2017, Drake was considered the richest rapper in the world. So it’s no wonder he was able to buy a $50 million private jet!

Source: editorchoice