The 8 most affectionate cat breeds

If you want to cuddle a cat all day long, we recommend the 8 most affectionate breeds that won't deceive you in that way.


Although most cats are more than happy to be a little, say, distant, there are some breeds that like nothing more than a good hug with their owners. If your favorite breed is not highlighted in this article, don’t worry; it’s by no means a conclusive study. It is simply an overview of the races that tend to be more cuddly than others. Here are the 8 races that are at the top of the list in terms of their emotional connection to humans.

8. Ragdoll


The Ragdoll (so called because it tends to become soft in the arms, just like the stuffed animals of our grandparents’ generation) is a breed “that tends to be calm and relaxed, but is very loving,” says Cheryl Hogan of the International Cat Association.

7. Tonkinese


Exceptionally social, the Tonkinese needs a home “where there is a great affection between the cat and his person,” says Hogan, who describes the Tonkinese as an intelligent cat who feeds on attention and makes it quickly too. According to Hogan, the Tonkinese is a gregarious race, loving all family members equally.

6. Burmese


Call this breed the cat’s mood ring. If you’re happy, they’re too, ready to play, but if you’ve had a bad day, the Burmese are there to comfort and console you,” says Hogan. “I’ve never met such a sociable cat in my life,” she added.

5. Oriental short-haired/Siamese

Differing only in colouring – the Siamese has “points of colour” that contrast with its creamy body while the Oriental comes in each hue and pattern – both are lively and frank, but also devoted and loving.

4. Kuril’s Bobtail

Chaton et chat de race

Originally from Russia, the robust Kurilian Bobtail, a so-called “natural” breed, has a distinctive pompom tail that should not be missed. His appearance may be wild, but he has a gentle and loving temperament.

3. Burma/Bombay Cat

Wide Open Pets

Virtually the same cat with different shades, the Burmese brown sand cat and the jet black Bombay are kittens with a gentle nature that “will feel comfortable on all available tours,” says Hogan. The social cats that thrive on the attention of family members, Burmese and Mumbai love infants, the elderly and all those in between.

2. Sphynx

Ma vie de chat

The unique and hairless Sphynx is an outgoing and friendly companion who looks forward to being close to his humans. “Due to their lack of fur, they are very warm and soft to the touch, and I find that a Sphynx looks like a purring suede hot water bottle,” says Hogan. The Sphynx’s need for warmth means that they like to snuggle up, but not just for body heat. “Sphynx cats are very loyal and love their family,” says Hogan.

1. Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight

Soft as a stuffed toy, this cat (which comes in a variety of folded or straight ears) is so soft that “many will even let children dress them with doll’s clothes,” says Hogan. In addition, they want to be with their special person every minute – you can’t walk from room to room without them following you.

Source: PetMD