These Hotel Hacks Will Completely Change Your Next Stay!

Are you going on a trip soon? Don't spend loads of money on a luxurious hotel room. There are way to enjoy a high quality stay without having to break the bank. Interested to learn how you can travel better for cheaper? These tips could help you save money while staying in your hotel room without sacrificing your comfort.


Like everyone who likes to travel as much as possible while on a budget, you probably want to find a nice place to stay without necessarily spending a fortune whenever you are exploring the world. Well, you are in luck, as there is quite a bit of trick that can upgrade the quality of a hotel room without having to spend additional money. You heard it right, you don’t have to pay an astronomical amount of money to stay in a beautiful hotel.

By knowing these little ways to improve your room, you will be able to skip the 5-star hotel prices and still enjoy a more than comfortable stay. Interested in using some bright tips to improve your vacation with a few smart ideas? Read on and never spend too much for a comfortable hotel room again.

1. Add moisture to your room

Instant Humidity

Humidity is often considered a bad thing, but when you are in an air-conditioned room for a long period of time, you may find the air dry. To solve this problem in your hotel room, take the luggage rack and cover it with a damp towel. Then place the grille in front of the radiator. This will help you keep a good level of humidity in your room.

2. Say goodbye to the city’s lights

Total Blackout

The curtains of hotel rooms sometimes let the city’s lights through their interstice. However, you can solve this problem by taking a hanger from your bedroom closet and using the clips to keep the curtain closed.

3. Catch up on lost time on television

It is not always easy to watch your TV shows, especially when you are in another country. However, it is not necessary to pay for video-on-demand. Simply connect your laptop to your bedroom TV with an HDMI cable and you’re done!

4. Make a phone pocket

Making A Phone Pocket

From time to time, we see hotels that, inexplicably, do not have a night table. Instead of putting your personal belongings on the floor, you can make a small pocket for your phone in the fold of the sheets. Since we usually use fitted sheets at home, it is one of the best tips for hotels, unless you are an expert in folding sheets yourself. Anyway, it’s practical and easy to use the tip.

5. Turn off the noise

Cancel Out The Noise

Sometimes hotels are a little noisier than you would expect. Fortunately, excess noise or light can be managed with a simple trick. Simply roll up a towel and wedge it into the crack near the door.

6. Book through the hotel

Discount travel sites may seem like the best way to get a good offer, but sometimes booking through the hotel itself will give you access to offers they have not published online.

7. Get a charger for your cell phone

Secret Chargers

The moment you realize that you forgot your cell phone charger may be a panicky moment, but the truth is that, just as you left your charger at home, others left their charger at the hotel. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, the best thing to do is not to panic, but to call the reception and ask if they have a charger for your phone model. They may have one.

8. Keep your drinks cold

Chill Out

Not all hotel rooms are equipped with a mini refrigerator to keep your food and beverages cool. However, you can create your own cooler by filling your bathroom sink with ice, which will cool all your drinks in no time.

9. Order your food in a restaurant

Ordering your food with room service can be very expensive. Why not opt for food delivery to a restaurant? you can, of course, go out to a restaurant, but sometimes, after a long day spent visiting certain places, you just want to rest in the comfort of your hotel room.

10. Wash and roll

Wash And Roll

Do you need to do some laundry? Take the sink and plug it with a piece of plastic and a few coins placed on top in the drain to hold the water.