The 12 Best Dogs for Kids and Families!

Your kids have been asking you to adopt a dog since as far as you can remember? They brought the cutest puppies home the other and you finally gave in? Know that not every dog is suited to be a family dog. Some breeds are much more adequate to complete the family portrait more than others. Here are 12 dog breeds ideal for your lifestyle!


Dogs are extremely popular pets and with good reasons! Whether you have a small or large family, they will always add joy to your home. In addition, dogs can teach children many beautiful qualities, such as being responsible and compassionate. They are extremely loving and can make a great partner for multiple outdoors activities. They are definitely able to keep up with young and older children and will most likely welcome every hug and expression of affection.

However, not every breed are equal and some are better suited for getting along with kids and being good playmates. It is therefore important that you choose the right type of dog for you, your children and your lifestyle. In fact, some dogs do better with older children, while others are more patient with the young. Here are 12 dog breeds perfect for families.

1. Labrador

American Kennel Club

These dogs love children, but also adults and other pets. Their kindness makes them instant friends, but don’t underestimate their high energy level. This exuberant breed needs a lot of exercises and can easily reach 80 pounds.

2. Bulldog


For those with a more relaxed lifestyle, a loyal bulldog may be a better choice. In addition to regular walks, these very loyal puppies love to take a good nap. However, be careful if you live in a warm climate. Their short snout makes them sensitive to very hot temperatures.

3. Golden retriever

Canal Vie

Another of the Americans’ big favorites, the Golden Retriever is equal to its status as a family dog. They are fast learners and need a lot of physical activity.

4. Beagle


The Beagles are happy when they have company. Therefore, if you tend to be away from home frequently, do not adopt this dog breed. However, you will appreciate the adorable and endearing side of this little dog.

5. Pug

Canal Vie

Just like humans, pugs love to eat and sleep. You should watch their diet (no table scraps allowed!) and activity level but look no further if you want a couch potato to snuggle up and watch movies. With only 15 pounds, it is a breed that does not need a large backyard but enjoys a play session with the children.

6. Irish Setter


Imagine walking one of these beauties through the neighborhood. Setters are real athletes. An active lifestyle (and an infinite stock of tennis balls) is essential to have this dog. It is a training partner who will motivate all family members to move.

7. Brussels Griffon


One of the smallest dogs in existence, the Brussels Griffon, cannot tolerate bullying. But if your children are ready to play gently, they will be rewarded with a loyal and intelligent animal that has more personality than its size suggests.

8. French Bulldog


If you don’t have a garden, you’ll be happy with this dog. City dwellers love these quiet, low-maintenance puppies, although it is the “bat ears” that physically distinguish them from their larger bulldog cousins.

9. Collie


Collies are among the most intelligent breeds of dogs, and if you’ve ever looked at Lassie, then you know why. The loyalty of a Collie is unmatched and these dogs simply love children.

10. Soft-coated Irish terrier

Chien – Ooreka

If you are concerned about hair loss, the Soft-coated Irish Terrier may be right for you. Although no dog generates any allergens, these silky-haired burrows produce what is called a hypoallergenic coat. Most importantly, they are dedicated pets who like to play actively – especially when they hunt anything that moves.

11. Weimar Braque


Nicknamed the “Grey Ghost”, the Weimar Braque is distinguished by its distinctive appearance. These sports dogs love children and strive to be an integral part of the family by learning quickly along the way. Your mission, if you decide to adopt it, is to provide it with many mental and physical challenges on a regular basis.

12. Bull Terrier

Canal Vie

Their story originates in the macabre practice of baiting bulls, but any Bull Terrier would far prefer to play the role of a pet, rather than that of an aggressor. Friendly and mischievous, this dog is entertaining. You won’t be bored with him as a pet, that’s for sure.