15 Of The Rarest Dog Breeds In The World

Rare, trendy and unique, here are 15 of the rarest dog breeds in the world you should know exist!


We, humans, love dogs so much, it’s no wonder we call them “man’s best friend”. If you’re looking to get yourself a dog that stands out and isn’t a Golden Retriever or a Lab (boooring!) or you’re just curious to know some of the rarest dog breeds that exist, continue reading to learn more about cross-breeds and purebreds you never even knew existed.

1. Aussie Pom


A mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian, the Aussi Pom is small, affectionate, loyal, and is so so cute!

2. Corgle/Beagi


Great companions, the Corgle/Beagi (Corgi and beagle mix) usually has the best traits from both breeds. They are great companions, super intelligent and spirited.

3. Pomsky

Pomskys are super cute. Half Husky and half Pomeranian, these dogs have tons of energy and are like baby bears.

4. Golden Dox

A mix of a Weiner dog (also known as a Dachshund) and a Golden Retriever, the Golden Dox is small but has a very beautiful coat and is a great and lovable companion.

5. Whoodle

Hypoallergenic and eager to please, the Whoodle (a mix of a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle) is a great dog for those who live in a small house or an apartment.

6. Dalmachshund

A tiny Dalmatian! The Dalmachshund is a mix of a Dalmatian and a Dachshund. Would you get this adorable dog?

7. Corgipoo


This new crossbreed is very popular and very precious. Very cute, this mix of a Corgi and a Poodle is very sweet.

8. Goberian


Half Husky, half Golden Retriever, this dog breed is a stunner. Friendly, gentle and great with children, the Goberian has tons of energy and needs a lot of exercise.

9. Yorkipoo

Small and super cute, this cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a small Poodle equals an incredibly cute bundle of joy.

10. Dalcorgi


Very energetic and playful, the half Dalmatian, half Corgi breed is very original.

11. Cheagle


A mix between a Beagle and a Chihuahua, the Cheagle is a great domestic dog and will love to snuggle with you.

12. Ba-Shar


This dog has very different origins. A mix of a Basset Hound with French origins and a Shar-Pei from China, this dog is loyal and affectionate.

13. Chusky

A real teddy bear, the Chusky (half Chow Chow, half Siberian Husky) is full of energy, is incredibly loyal and affectionate.

14. Chow Chow

No, this is not a lion. The Chowchow looks like a giant teddy bear. Originating from imperial China, this dog breed is fearless and very territorial.

15. Pomeranian

These tiny dogs actually descended from large sled dog breeds. Even though they are super cute, playfull and intelligent, they have the personality to match the size of a Great Dane!

Source: Celebspulse