Here Are 20 Dog Breeds That You Can Leave Alone At Home

It is a well-known fact that dogs love their owners' company. However, some dog breeds have a greater tolerance for loneliness. They are the perfect addition to families who are always on the go, the perfect best friend for any extremely busy professional or all those people who simply aren't home that much. Here are 20 breeds that would feel lonely if left alone a little longer than normal.


If you have ever owned a dog or know someone who has, you must surely know how much our dog friends love spending time in the company of his humans. While the cats will come to you calmly as soon as you walk through the door after a long day’s work, the dogs will be so excited that they will jump for several minutes before calming down! The like to cuddle, follow you around the house and are very likely to whine while giving you either sad puppy eyes or a guilt-tripping look. The facts are that most dogs simply cannot do without their owner’s company.

But fortunately for ultra busy, always on the go dog lovers, some dogs are more independent than others. If you are hesitant to adopt a dog because you have a busy schedule and worry they will have to spend a lot of time on their own, here are 20 dog breeds that can tolerate a little more solitude very well.

1. Manchester Terrier

At first glance, the Manchester Terrier looks a lot like the miniature Dobermann Pinscher. However, it is a unique breed that has been bred for hunting rats or rabbits. They are also called Gentleman’s Terriers in England and these dogs are quite fast! You can leave them alone for a certain amount of time compared to other dog breeds.

2. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a type of dog with a sense of independence and self-dignity unlike any other. It is not normally cuddly and does not show affection in the usual way, but that does not mean that it is not affectionate or loving – in its sophisticated way.

3. Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a working dog with an elegant appearance. This breed was developed to hunt small animals and birds, as well as cattle and sheep from herds. He is very loyal to his family and does very well with the children.

Although he will recover when you leave the house, he needs a landlord with a firm hand. He rarely cries, barks and screams when you go to work, but he will need more attention when you come back (especially at an early age).

4. Miniature Schnauzer

Eager to learn, the Miniature Schaunzers will have no difficulty remaining alone at home, as long as they are provided with something to keep their minds occupied, whether it is a toy or the role of the watchdog. They are perfect for people looking for low-shedding breeds of dogs that are also hypoallergenic.

5. Welsh Corgi

In addition to being cute, funny and royal, Welsh Corgi is very suitable for people who work 8 hours a day. It is also very easy to train, so you can train your Corgi to do many different commands and tricks.

6. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is not a breed that will respond well to conventional training tactics, but if approached properly, this independent, spiritual and witty dog will have no difficulty remaining alone at home.

7. Caucasian Sheepdog Dog

If you are looking for a large dog that will not be stressed when you leave, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog could be the right dog for you. These dogs are excellent guardians who have been bred to take care of the herds and defend the house against wild predators.

They are also known as Russian bear dogs and are very intelligent, independent and stubborn. This means two things: he will probably like to have some time alone to observe and protect his territory, but training him can sometimes be difficult.

8. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is sometimes called the largest small dog, because of its strong and dominant character, unusual intelligence and the total absence of the meaning of its own small size.

Unlike many small pet dogs, Lhasa Apso will probably not spend his time alone screaming in fear, but rather hoping to catch the thief.

9. Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano is a family hunting dog breed. Some believe that this Italian dog has existed since antiquity, since the 4th or 5th century BC.

This dog with distinctive looks and beautiful characteristics will be an excellent dog for people who love the outdoors. He is very friendly and has a calm personality. Training him will not be difficult if you have a gentle approach. However, it won’t bother him too much to have some time alone to relax at home.

10. Otterhound

This rare breed has a sweet and gentle personality and is a type of dog that does not require much attention. Being so independent, he will enjoy spending time alone. The greyhound is a very friendly dog that gets along well with children.

11. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is very easy to live with when it comes to staying at home. It seems that hunting and breeding breeds are the most tolerant of time alone. The basset hound can be both very active and enjoy resting.

12. Chinese Shar-Pei

This unusual dog with loose wrinkles, purple tongue and silk coat is certainly one of the most interesting dogs ever. But it is not only its rarity that distinguishes it, Shar-Pei is an independent dog that can sometimes even be distant.

Thanks to these personality traits, a Shar-Pei manages time alone much better than most other races. They are very dedicated dogs, but they must be properly trained from an early age, as they can often be stubborn, like any other breed of independent dogs.

13. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is very popular for its small size and its funny resemblance to the Boxer. He is very intelligent, comic and quite energetic. So don’t be fooled by the size of this dog, he loves to run.

But there is another reason why these dogs are becoming more and more popular. Unlike most small dog breeds, they do quite well when they spend time alone. If you leave toys they can play with while you are away, they may not even realize you are not there.

14. Basenji

Basenji is not as independent as Chow but shows much more obvious affection. Basenji also appreciates your company and the time he spends alone exploring and finding new ways to have fun.

15. Dachshund

Dachshunds are confident and intelligent dogs that behave very well as companion dogs. These comic dogs were bred to dig and hunt badgers and other small animals. But because of their intelligence, these dogs are sometimes stubborn and difficult to train.

However, independent and intelligent dogs do extremely well when left alone at home. Provide them with toys, enough water and food, and everything will be fine. So if you’re looking for a dog that gets along well with people and children, but doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety while you’re away from work – dachshunds may be what you’re looking for.

16. English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is a strong and graceful dog that likes to stay active. They will be an ideal companion for jogging, running or even horseback riding. The English Foxhound is very intelligent and will know exactly how to spend his time alone.

However, the time you do not spend with an English Foxhound throughout the day will be spent on daily exercises and various activities. If you are a runner, this dog is a perfect choice for you!

17. Scottish Terrier

Like many other breeds on this list, the Scottish Terrier was also bred to hunt badgers and foxes.

These dogs are quite distant, so you may even have episodes where your Scottish Terrier avoids you for no particular reason. However, you will like its independence if you tend to be in the office often.

18. Small Munsterlander Pointer

The Small Munsterland Pointer is a loving dog and very skilled at collecting water. Training him will be child’s play, but he will need a lot of daily exercise. A Munsterland Pointer will like to run, run, jog, swim and play flyball. Being such an intelligent puppy, he will also find it very easy to have fun while remaining alone at home. Just give him some toys and he’ll be fine.

19. Goldador

The Goldador, a blend of the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, is all a person with a busy work schedule can want.

Not only will these dogs find a good way to spend their time alone, but they also learn quickly, are extraordinary companions and have an easy-going personality.

20. Labradoodle

Another cross bread on the list. This time, it is the famous Labradoodle designer breed. Not only is this dog suitable for owners who are away from home for long hours, but Labradoodles also work very well as therapy dogs. However, there is another feature that makes it a popular choice for many new dog owners, their hypoallergenic coat.