Hairdryer hacks: Tips to use it for a cleaner house

Hairdryers shouldn't lie in the cupboard, sadly waiting to be used until our hair is wet... It can do so much more than just drying hair! Here are a couple of hacks we found in all the corners of the internet!


We usually use your hair dryer to … dry our hair, of course 🙂 However, this small appliance found in most homes can do so many other things. Discover 10 interesting ways to use a hairdryer around the house!

10. Remove Stickers and Labels.

Whether it’s crumbled labels or wax dried somewhere; Your dryer will be your savior. Just dry the labels or stickers and they will take off easily.

9. Stretch Your Shoes

One Good Thing

Are your new shoes too tight?

  1. Put on some thick socks and wear your new shoes.
  2. Next, heat your feet with a hair dryer for 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Keep your shoes until they are cold again.
  4. There you go, your problem is solved!

8. Bumper Dent Repair

This may take some time, but the heat of one (or more) hair dryer can be powerful enough to reverse a bump. Try before spending hundreds of dollars at a garage.

7. Too Large Sunglasses

Use a hair dryer to heat the ends of cheap plastic glasses, then by bending carefully, adjust the branches to fit your face.

6. Warm Your Ice Cream and Butter

One Good Thing

If your ice cream is too frozen to be able to take it with a spoon, use a hair dryer to heat it sufficiently to make it easier to collect.

Do the same with the butter to soften it to put it on your toasts.

5. On the BBQ

With a dryer, you can cause the flames. In fact, you can intensify the flames by blowing on the charcoal stones.

4. Perfect Cupcakes

Crédit cupcakeprojectblog

Blow a little warm air on the frosting of your cupcakes until it starts to melt. It will be easier to apply it.

3. Flat Iron

If you do not have time to pull out your iron, your dryer can easily do the job. Put on 1 or 2 inches of your garment to smooth it out.

2. Cleaning Tools for Hard to Reach Areas

If you can not remove the dust from small corners, you can blow the dust with your hair dryer. Try it in your computer keyboard.

1. Remove a Band Aid Without Pain

Before removing your band aid, heat it a little so that the glue does not stick to your skin.

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