16 Ways to Stay Cool During Hot and Humid Summer Nights

Staying fresh and cool while sleeping during the hot and humid summer nights is not simple, but these few tips will help you for sure.


Everyone fears the hot summer nights. Moisture and heat combined can make a horrifyingly sweaty bed to sleep in. Hot nights are a universal reason for the hatred we share for summers. Well, not really hate, visiting the beach is still worth it. We often wish summer nights could be a bit cooler. That’s why we wanted to find ways to make them a bit more bearable.

Here are 16 proven ways to counter the heat on these hot summer nights.

20. A Question of Aeration

19. 1. Let the Air Circulate

Make sure your room has good ventilation. Keep the fan facing an open window and place your bed in between. This is a guaranteed way to maintain a constant breeze.

18. 2. Change your Sheets

Get light-coloured sheets made with bamboo or microfiber. They keep your bed airy.

17. 3. Keep your Head Cool

Do not use fluffy pillows. They trap heat. The head is the hottest part of the body, the heat stored in the duvet is enough to warm you up even more. Instead, change your pillow for a smaller, firmer one.

16. 4. Stay Comfortable

Make sure to wear light cotton nightgowns in bed. Some people even prefer to sleep naked, but it depends on your preferences.

Source: Healthy Tips

15. Fight the Heat

14. 5. Wet Your Hair

Try to wet your hair when you go to bed. This will be paradise as long as you can bear the extra moisture.

13. 6. Stay Close to The Ground

Try to sleep on the floor. The hot air rises, so the floor is cooler than your bed.

12. 7. Use a Bag of Ice

Keep a hot-water bottle or heating bag with you, but cool it instead of warming it up. Just touching the bag will bring you closer to paradise and will provide you with a pleasant and soothing sensation.

11. 8. Use a Fresh Blanket

Freeze a flannel blanket or a damp towel and keep it on your head while you fall asleep.

10. 9. Keep Your Feet Cold

Before going to sleep, keep your feet in cold water. This causes pulse points in our feet to cool down and reduce body temperature.

9. 10. Create a Cool Breeze

Hang a wet sheet over an open window and let the breeze do the job.

Source: Healthy Tips

8. Prioritize Aeration

7. 11. Refresh your Fan

Keep a bowl of ice in front of your fan. As the ice melts, a cool breeze will fill the room.

6. 12. Stay Free

Sleep in a hammock instead of a bed, so the air can get to you on all sides and reduce heat.

Source: Healthy Tips

5. Comfort is Not Everything

4. 13. Improve your Mattress

think about purchasing a gel mattress. They have thermal control properties that provide both aeration and comfort.

3. 14. Do the Mummy

Wrap yourself in a wet blanket before sleeping. Used in ancient Egypt, this is a time-tested way to beat the heat.

2. 15. Eat Carefully

Smaller meals in the evening mean less work for your metabolic system. This will surely decrease your body temperature.

1. 16. Opt for a Rustic Mattress

Purchase a bamboo or straw mat instead of your luxurious mattress. They may not be as soft, but they are certainly cooler.

Source: Healthy Tips