10 Dog Breeds Perfect for Outdoor Junkies

You're the kind to wake up at 6 am on a Sunday to go for a run in the woods? You're looking for a furry friend to keep you on your toes on your many activities in the great outdoors? Find the perfect best friend with paws to accompany you on your outdoor adventure among these dog breeds that love to get out and be active.


You know the woods better than you know your own home? You’re a hunter, a regular hiker, a runner, a biker, or just an all-around fanatic of the great outdoor? Make sure that you opt for the best possible furry addition to the family. Find and adopt the doggy that will enjoy nature and getting dirty as much as you do. Actually, let’s be honest, they will probably love it even more than you do.

So if you can’t find that perfect running partner who will push you or someone to get lost in the woods with, have a look at these 10 dog breeds perfect for the outdoor junkie. And how knows, you might even end up picking up some dog specific sports such as flyball, bikejoring, canicross, and even go swimming with your dog. One thing is for sure, with these dog breeds, you are not about to sit in the couch doing nothing.

10. Portuguese Water Dog

Never heard of them? You’re about to be surprised. These sea dogs were traditionally taught to herd fish! They will do well on boats and canoes. Very intelligent and docile, they do well without a leash.

9. Australian Shepherd

Herding dogs always make great outdoors companions. Australian Shepherd not only have a lot of energy to spend, but they are also very fast and agile on uneven terrains. Being trapped indoors is not something they enjoy.

8. Vizsla

These skinny high-energy athletic dogs love to do it all. From running after birds to swimming, they need a lot of exercise. But they are sensitive to the cold, so make sure to keep them warm.

7. Siberian Husky

These sled dogs love to workout. Take them with you on long hikes, trail runs and on any winter activities. But please spare them in hot weather. So if you live in California, this is not a breed for you.

6. Australian Cattledog

These Australian herders have dingo in their bloodline which says a lot about their physical capacities. Athletic, high-energy, muscular and quick-witted, they are perfect for those you are not scared to push their limits.

5. Labrador Retriever

Athletic and water-loving, labradors have webbed paws which makes them a great partner if you love to go down to the lake or the ocean.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

This big docile and loving family dog is the perfect leashless companion on short hikes. They are a great dog to have on a farm and fits perfectly into photos of large families.

3. Collie

Remember Lassie? Collies have great stamina, keen intelligence and they are very agile. If you are someone who doesn’t tire easily when it comes to outdoor activity, consider adopting a Border Collie.

2. German Shorthaired Pointer

These elegant dogs were bred for hunting birds. Very reliable, they love to engage in vigorous activity. Obedient, they also have a sense of independence. They can stray away without getting lost and will find their way back.

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

These sturdy and muscular dogs were bred to hunt lions in the African bush, no less. So it is not a long run in a hot and climate that will get the better of them.

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