Amazon products that people swear by

Discover the most popular products that people keep buying on Amazon's Canadian site. But be warned, you might find you need them too.


Amazon is the online destination to find anything and everything. It is the web’s no. 1 store to purchase, well, whatever you are, or are not, looking for. Wonder what are some of their best selling products? Here is s glimpse into Canada’s buying habits and some of’s best selling items.

20. Aztec Secret Healing Clay

Price: CDN$ 14.50

This clay mask has a worldwide fan base thanks to its cheap price and quick results. It is suitable for use on all skin types in addition to being free of additives and fragrances.

19. Philips Airfryer

Price: CDN$ 239.99

The new popular gadget everyone wants in their kitchen brings crispy delicious fried foods minus all the bad calories. This healthy frying technology uses a fraction of the oil and is super easy to clean.

18. 20% Vitamin C Serum

Price: CDN$ 27.99

Made with certified Canadian organic ingredients, this is a high-quality product at a small price. Vitamin E helps moisturize skin while the high concentrate of Vitamin C reduces sunspots and wrinkles.

17. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Price: CDN$ 49.99

This Amazon best seller provides the easiest way to access Netflix, Prime video and over 4,000 apps and games. Users only have to plug it in in order to experience fast and fluid streaming services.

16. Fujifilm instant camera film

Price: CDN$ 56

Instant cameras are making a comeback and what better place to purchase your quality film then Amazon! Available in a choice of single or multi-packs, it allows them to instantly share their memories with family and friends.

15. AmazonBasics Dog waste bags with dispenser and leash clip

Price: CDN$ 19.99

Not the most glamorous item on the list, but surely one of the most practical and an essential one for dog owners. With 900 black leak-proof bags for under $20, picking up after your furry friend couldn’t be easier or more affordable.

14. Instant Pot 10-in-1 pressure cookers

Price: CND$ 149.99

This viral programmable pressure cooker exploded onto the cooking scene a few years ago and has only gained in popularity since and it seems that people are purchasing this time saving small kitchen appliance.

13. Cards Against Humanity: Canadian Edition

Price: CDN$ 34.98

Cards Against Humanity is a hit at social gatherings, and now with the Canadian version it’s even more tailored to your tastes and humour.

12. Fitbit Charge 3

Price: CDN$ 195.95

Getting fit is on the rise. A deeper understanding of your body, health and progress is a useful way to get there. The Fitbit Charge 3 is waterproof, offers advanced fitness tracking wherever life takes you and is perfect for beginners.

11. Philips wake-up light with coloured sunrise simulation

Price: CDN$ 168

For anyone struggling to get out of bed in the morning, this sunrise simulating light will allow you to wake-up gently. The natural light gradually increases over 30 minutes to help nudge you out of sleep in a natural way.

10. TubShroom tub drain protector

Price: CDN$ 16.95

Nobody likes cleaning out their shower drain. TubShroom makes it quick, easy and arguably less gross. The bathtub hair stopper fits snuggly inside your shower tub drain, catching each and every hair that tries to make its way down your drain. When it’s time to clean, just pop it out and remove the hair in seconds.

9. KRUPS electric spice and coffee grinder

Price: CDN$ 17.99

With its modern design, this electric grinder is one of the highest rated on the market. Easy to use and to clean, it will also look good on your counter.

8. Seagate Backup portable external hard drive

Price: CDN$ 89.99

Always back-up, remember? This best-selling hard drive has quick file transfers and requires no power supply to easily save your important information and photos.

7. Ancestry DNA Kit

Price: CDN$ 149.00

Curious about your family history? Check out the #1 best selling consumer DNA test. Super easy to use, it offers more geographical details than most tests on the market.

6. Echo (2nd Generation)

Price: CDN$ 129.99

Not only is this a powerful stand-alone speaker but Alexa is always getting smarter to make your everyday life easier. Completely personable, it can play from Amazon Music, Spotify, Radioplayer and more.

5. AmazonBasics microfiber sheet set

Price: CDN $18.99

This budget-friendly microfiber sheet set is surprisingly soft and affordable. Perfect as a back-up set of sheets.

4. Hamilton Beach 1.7-liter glass kettle

Price: CND $82.80

Tea time! You can actually watch your water come to a boil with this stylish glass kettle, that’s super easy to clean and includes a 5-year warranty.

3. Fire HD 7 Tablet

Price: CDN$ 59.99

If you’re looking for something light and thin with a very affordable price-point, you might want to do like many other Amazon shoppers and look into the tablet. Perfect for travelling and can be used as an e-reader.

2. Accuweight digital kitchen scale

Price: CDN$ 13.99

This digital glass kitchen scale includes the latest generation of sensors and promises to deliver accuracy and fast response time. And if you plan on using it often, don’t worry about leaving it out on the counter, its contemporary design won’t clash in the kitchen.

1. Exploding Kittens card game

Price: CDN$ 24.99

The family-friendly game is fun and easy to learn. It’s the perfect game for your next get-together. Fun fact: Exploding Kittens was one of the most backed Kickstarter campaigns ever.