Top 10 Safest Countries For Tourists And Travel

You would like to go on a trip, but are looking for a safe place for tourists? Here are 10 countries where you can travel without fear.


When deciding where to travel abroad, safety and security are two major concerns. Here are the ten safest countries to travel to if you decide to go abroad with peace of mind.

10. Finland

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Not only is this country a good choice because of its breathtaking landscapes, but the frequency of violent crime in Finland is practically non-existent. Here are some other ideal reasons to visit Finland:

  • The ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights;
  • The cathedral of Helsinki and Russia;
  • Santa Claus’ year-round visit to his office in Rovaniemi.

9. Iceland

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With 97% of its population considered middle-class and the third lowest incidence of murder in the world, this country obviously leaves its visitors amazed and safe. Here are some other reasons to visit Iceland:

  • From mid-May to the end of July, this country is constantly sunny;
  • You can immerse yourself in the waters of geothermal energy;
  • Known as “Land of Ice and Fire”, Iceland has a plethora of volcanoes and glaciers.

8. Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong police are known for their politeness and constant surveillance of the region. Here are some of the attractions you may want to explore when you visit this country:

  • Cultural diversity reigns in the kitchen, shopping and nightlife. Feel free to immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s cultural richness;
  • Holidays, fireworks and carnivals are present in Hong Kong all year round;
  • With one of the best transport networks in the world, choose air, sea, taxi, train or tramway to explore this country and its surroundings.

7. Norway


Due to the high work ethic and religious doctrine of the population, rural communities in Norway have very little crime. Here are some other attractions that make this country a place not to be missed:

  • The country’s inhabitants are among the most satisfied in the world;
  • The natural fjords formed by glacial erosion are breathtaking;
  • This country enjoys 24 hours of sunshine!

6. Switzerland


Most citizens are law-abiding and wield firearms in public. Because of the government’s acceptance and the pride of its residents, the pro-gun policy seems to deter criminals. Here are some other reasons to visit Switzerland:

  • Nothing is more delicious than Swiss cuisine, fondue and chocolate;
  • See the Matterhorn and the Alps in person;
  • And once again, more than 16 hours of constant sunshine.

5. Portugal

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Portugal is known to have few criminals. During your trip, take the time to enjoy these few amenities:

  • Visit the volcanic caves or the beautiful emerald beaches;
  • The natural and heated springs offer an outdoor spa;
  • Eat fresh seafood anytime, anytime.

4. New Zealand

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Who would think of committing crimes in such a beautiful region? Here are some other reasons to go to New Zealand:

  • There are plenty of beaches, glaciers and volcanoes to discover;
  • There are world-renowned winegrowers;
  • You can bungee jump in an enchanting setting.

3. Sweden

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In addition to its relatively low crime rate compared to the United States, Sweden is well suited for this:

  • See reindeer;
  • Discover the Viking house;
  • Go to the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

2. Netherlands

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Also known for its very low crime rate, you should visit the Netherlands. Here are some places to see:

  • The Rijksmuseum;
  • The Garden of Europe;
  • The Amsterdam canals.

1. Austria

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In addition to a low crime rate and virtually no terrorist threat, you should visit Austria because:

  • Mozart, Strauss and Wagner were all Austrian;
  • Vienna’s coffees are definitely worth a visit;
  • You will find villages worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.