The youngest female billionaires in the world

Youth, fame, beauty, fortune: These youngest female billionaires in the world have it all. Are you curious to find out who are these woman who beneficiates from more money than one could wish for? Wonder how they reached this level of wealth? Were they born lucky or did they hustle their way to all that money? Discover how they acquired their net worth.


Wealthy people and their lifestyle always attract attention. It is an undying source of curiosity, especially when the people in question are young and good-looking. Whether you envy the lifestyle of the rich and the famous (and sometimes just rich) or you simply want a peek into their extravagant life, sometimes, snoopiness gets the better of you. We get it, we’ve all been there. Today, we are giving you an insight into the world of the fortunate, but not your typical image of a billionaire. No old balding men, these are the top youngest and richest females.

Some of them made their fortune on their own and others inherited the family business. But the question of whether they are self-made or were born lucky is irrelevant to this list. Discover the wealthy women are the youngest female billionaires in the world for whom nothing is ever too expensive.

20. Alexandra Andresen

Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, Alexandra Andresen is worth a staggering $1.4 billion making her the youngest female billionaire in the world. She is the daughter of Johan H. Andresen Jr., a Norwegian industrialist who owns Ferd AS, a finance and real estate company who transferred 80% of his shares from Ferd Holding to Alexandra and her sister, Katharina.

19. Holly Branson

Holly Branson is worth $3.8 billion. Her father is entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, who controls more than 400 companies and has a net worth of $4.9 billion. Holly went to medical school and specialized in neurology.

18. Kylie Jenner

In 2018, Forbes magazine proclaimed that Kylie Jenner was set to become the United States’ youngest self-made billionaire. The reality television star and Kim Kardashian half-sister has a wildly popular cosmetics line. However, the backlash to the “self-made” title was swift.

17. Amanda Hearst

Amanda Hearst is the great-granddaughter of media mogul William Randolph Hearst and has an estimated net worth of $8.7 billion. Born and raised in New York City, she attended the prestigious schools before dropping out to pursue modelling. She works with non-profit organizations to promote a positive message about animal rights.

16. Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Marie Besnier Beauvalot is worth $2.5 billion. Her grandfather founded Lactalis, which is the largest dairy products group in the world. Her father worked as the CEO of the company based in Western France, and now Marie and two brothers own 100% of the Lactalis.

15. Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi is a model worth $5.7 billion. She is the second child of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and the Italian industrialist Stefano Casiraghi. Charlotte is eighth in line to the throne of Monaco. She received a philosophy degree from Sorbonne University is a decorated equestrian, and has also been the face of Gucci.

14. Petra Stunt

Petra Stunt and Tamara Ecclestone are the socialite and model daughters of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. Unlike her television personality sister Tamara, Petra is a fashion designer. She married billionaire businessman James Stunt.

13. Perenna Kei

Born in Hong Kong, Perenna Kei got her fortune by following in her father’s footsteps. Her dad, Ji Haipeng, is the chairman and CEO of a major real estate company in China. Perenna joined as the non-executive director of the company, and now has a net worth of $1.3 billion, owning 85% of the company. She’s also the sole shareholder of the company, Logan Property, in the Cayman Islands. Although she has plenty of wealth to retire young, Perenna enjoys being a businesswoman.

12. Lynsi Snyder

Lynsi Snyder inherited the In-N-Out Burger fortune. She now owns 97% of the fast food chain and is worth $3 billion. Despite financial success, Snyder has led a difficult life as she lost her uncle in a plane crash and her father to drug overdose.

11. Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan is worth $25.8 billion. Her father founded a company called Country Garden Holdings, which he transferred to her. She also has a hand in the Australian real estate developing business.

10. Anna Anissimova

Anna Anissimova, known as the Russian Paris Hilton, is worth $2 billion. Her father is a billionaire who built his fortune by metal trading. After her sister was murdered by the Russian Mafia, Anna was sent to America for safety. She has done some modeling, acting, real estate ventures, and is married to Peter Schafer, a film producer.

9. Hind Hariri

The daughter of Rafik Hariri, a Lebanese businessman, is worth $5.5 billion. She inherited his fortune after he was murdered. She stays out of the spotlight and is one of the youngest billionaires alive.

8. Ivanka Trump

The daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, is worth $3 billion. She appeared on “The Apprentice,” and is currently the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization.

7. Josie Ho

Josie Ho is worth $7 billion. Her father, Stanley Ho, is known as “The King of Gambling” and owns many casinos in Macau. Josie went on to become a singer and actor.

6. Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg is worth $11.5 billion and is the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City. She got into riding horses at a young age and made a career out of it. She is sponsored by Ariat International and participates in many philanthropic activities on the side.

5. Caroline Hagen Kjos

Caroline is the heiress of a budget grocery chain. The Norwegian is the chairman of the company, and owns over 97%, taking her net worth at $2.8 billion.

4. Katharina Andresen

Also form Norway, Katharina has a net worth of $1.25 billion at the young age of 21, placing her as the second-youngest billionaire in the world. Her father put 42% of his investment company named Ferd in her name.

3. Prisca & Jenna Courtin Clarins

Twins Prisca and Jenna, daughters of Olivier Courtin-Clarins and sculptor/model Anneli Courtin-Clarins, are part of the Clarins fortune. Jenna is a photography student in Paris, while Prisca co-owns The Nail Factory salons located throughout Paris. Since their fathers took ownership of the company, the family is worth a combined $2 billion.

2. Virginie & Claire Courtin-Clarins

Virginie and Claire are the other half of the heiresses to the Clarins Cosmetics fortune. Virginie and Claire are the daughters of Christian Courtin-Clarins and model Corrine Maine de Biran. Virginie has a degree in business and owns her own swimsuit line called Luz. Clair is an NYC-based artist who studied architecture and graphic design.

1. Chloe Green

Chloe Green’s father Sir Philip Green is the chairman of the retail company Arcadia Group, which includes the popular British chain Topshop. Chloe’s father is worth an estimated $5.1 billion, a fortune to which she is the heiress.

Source: Trendchaser