The Wealthiest Countries In The World

There are 195 countries on earth. Find out the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world.


There are 195 countries (193 if you don’t count the Holy See and the State of Palestine) on this planet but they aren’t all equal when it comes to size, landscape and wealth. If you’re interested in finding out which countries are the richest in the world, continue reading below!

1. Hong Kong

Many companies have their offshore headquarters located in Hong Kong since it is one of the easiest places for business in South East Asia.

2. United Arab Emirates

The GDP per capita of $68,250, the population of the 7 Arabic states (including Dubai) does quite well for themselves. Since this nation produces a lot of oil, it makes sense they are included on this list.

3. Kuwait

Kuwait’s economy is doing very well even though there has been a reduction in oil prices. The country has invested in other fields, which has profited them greatly. With a GDP per Capita of almost $70,000, it’s no wonder this Middle Eastern country is on the list.

4. Ireland

Due to wise investments and construction growth, Ireland’s economy has prospered a lot these past few decades. The strong employment rates, high salaries and strong spending are the reasons why this country appears on the list.

5. Norway

This Scandinavian country is not only one of the happiest countries in the world but it is also one of the richest. Norway’s economy is based mainly on oil production and export.

6. Brunei

The second most developed country in South East Asia after Singapore, Brunei’s economy relies mostly on oil, gas, exports, and trade. Their well-diversified investments in technology also have kept their economy stable.

7. Switzerland

With a GDP per capita of over $80,000, this European country is small but mighty. The economy relies mostly on banking, industry, international trade, and labour.

8. Singapore

Singapore might be very small but it is extremely wealthy and shows no sign on slowing down. The nation’s GDP per capita is approximately $90,530.

9. Luxembourg

This tiny country of only 600,000 people has an unemployment rate of 5% and its economy is primarily based on steel production and banking. You will be surprised to know the GDP per capita is $109,190.

10. Qatar

The richest country in the world is located in the Middle East. Qatar’s economy is primarily based on oil since this country has tons of it. This nation’s unemployment rate is 0.4% and has a GDP of $124,930.

Source: ImmigrationDo