Dogtown, Niceville, Needmore are city names from Florida

From Couch to Fluffy Landing and Possum Bluff, here are some of the most unusual city and town names in the state of Florida. 


The Sunshine State has some extremely unusual and funny town names you probably didn’t even know existed. From Couch to Fluffy Landing and Possum Bluff, there are some very interesting (questionable?) thinking being made when choosing such an important name… Here are some of the most unusual – and absolutely real – city and town names in the state of Florida.

1. Bohemia

This town name is unusual but it is not strange. It’s actually quite pretty. We can’t help but wonder if many bohemians live in this city…

2. Couch

Is this town named couch because there are a lot of furniture stores? We’ll have to go to find out!

3. Dogtown

A badass town name if you ask us!

4. Eucheeanna


We’re not even sure if we can pronounce the name of this town correctly but it kinda sounds like “Oceana” in our heads.

5. Fluffy Landing

We hope there are a lot of fluffy birds that land at Fluffy Landing.

6. Lone Cabbage

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Lone Cabbage is quite lonely since it is an island. Clever, people of Florida!

7. Lorida

If you’re out of name ideas, why not name a town the same name as the state just with one less letter?

8. Lulu

This town was called Lulu in 1891 because the postmaster’s love interest was named Lulu. Cue the “awwww”.

9. Mayo

Funny story: In August 2018, the town was renamed Miracle Whip for an advertisement stunt with the brand.

10. Needmore

I need more information to find Needmore! If you want to confuse your friends and family, tell them about this town.

11. Niceville

We hope that every resident of this town in Florida is, indeed, nice!

12. Okahumpka

This tiny town only has a population of 276 (as of July 1st, 2018) and not much is known about this town with the funny name.

13. Picnic

Many residents of Florida must enjoy having a picnic at the Picnic Island Park!

14. Possum Bluff

Possum Bluff must be known for its possum population because why else would they call it this way?

15. Spuds

Bored Panda

Spuds got its name because this region of Florida depends on potatoes to survive economically. Spud is a name used to describe a small potato.

16. Tobacco Patch Landing

Not much is known about this town but we are guessing that there is a tobacco plantation or a factory, unless people love to smoke in this town.

17. Wacahoota


What a festive sounding town name! This name comes from the language spoken by the Miccosukee Tribe and means “cowpen” or “cow barn”.

18. Two Egg

During the Great Depression, money was scarce so this town would trade farm products instead. Two boys came into a store with two eggs to trade them for sugar. The name stuck and the rest if history.

19. Weeki Wachee

Weeki Wachee, Seminole for “little spring” or “winding river”, is actually a tourist attraction because it holds the deepest naturally formed spring in the United States.

20. Yeehaw Junction

The town’s name is apparently called this way because locals would yell “Yeehaw!” a lot but it is most probably a name derived from the Seminole language, and means “wolf”.

Source: Visit Florida