Firemen Thought They Were Saving Tiny Puppies. When They Realized They Weren’t Dogs, They Did This

Firefighters are sometimes called upon to rescue domestic animals. These Colorado firefighters were quite surprised when they realized that it wasn't puppies they were saving.


It is true that firefighters are always there to help people when dangerous fires become uncontrollable. Indeed, this is their main task. However, today’s firefighters do more than that. The duty of firefighters does not stop at saving people’s lives in a fire, they are also responsible for saving all living beings, whether domestic or wild.

For a firefighter, every living being is important and must be safe from danger. Every day is a surprise. Firefighters are never aware of the kind of rescue calls that await them.

1. Some firemen thought they were going to rescue puppies

For a firefighter, every day is important. Although accidents are inevitable, they still hope deeply that they will not have to face a very dangerous situation where people’s lives are in danger. This work can be rewarding at the end of the day because it can save lives, but there are also times when it is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. These are the reasons why this work is also considered dangerous… but quite exciting because you don’t know what kind of experience awaits you every day. That’s what happened to a group of Colorado firefighters who thought they were saving puppies but discovered something completely different.

2. A pretty normal day for these heroes

It was like any other ordinary day for Colorado Springs Fire Department firefighters. As always, their team was full and ready to receive an emergency call. They had no idea that a single call would make this day different and quite remarkable.

During their many years of service, they experienced many life-changing moments, but they did not know that this day would be so surprising.

3. A typical rescue… or at least that’s what they thought

The Colorado Springs Fire Department was, as always, in operation that day in March. They were eager to talk about their past rescue operations and the rescue they may have been waiting for that day. Suddenly, their emergency line rang and their questions were answered.

A lady called for help. It seemed like they were going to save animals that day. The appellant informed the fire department that the animals were trapped. Not knowing how serious the situation was, they decided to act quickly and arrive on the scene without hesitation. In an emergency, firefighters understand that there is no time to lose. And so, they got into the fire truck as fast as they could.

4. Worrying about the situation

As they went to the scene, the firefighters tried to remember all the precautions and protocols to be followed to save the animals. Many people might think that saving animals is a fairly simple job, but no. It was easy to say, but certainly much more difficult to do, not only because of the complicated situation they find themselves in, but also because people may not be aware of the fact that different animals require a different approach when they are being treated.

Like humans, animals behave differently, especially when they are in danger. Sometimes they stay calm, but most of the time they are anxious and become hysterical. As for the firemen, they didn’t even know what kind of animals were waiting for them and what situation they were really in. The firefighters had to be very careful in this case.

5. Be well prepared

There were many thoughts running through their heads. They speculated mainly on the kind of animals waiting to be saved and rescued. Since they had been in town, they had been thinking mainly of domestic animals such as dogs or cats, but they had not ruled out the possibility of it being a wild animal either. They, therefore, continued to take precautionary measures while on the scene. It is an important rule for firefighters to ensure that they are safe in order to save lives.

With all their experience in firefighting, they were quite confident about this operation. They had already saved many animals before and they were sure that they would do whatever it took to rescue them. Firefighters had already rescued animals that were suffering from severe smoke inhalation, burns, and injuries.

6. Arrival on site

The team arrived at the scene and quickly got off the fire truck and rushed to the storm sewer in just a few seconds. They were informed that the animals seemed to have locked themselves deep inside it. They quickly checked and assessed the situation. Thank God it wasn’t the rainy season.

The animals would have been in a much more dangerous situation if the compartment had been filled with water, as they could have drowned. The firefighters were grateful that someone called them immediately. The enclosure was quite deep, dark and cold. They couldn’t imagine how these animals got in there because it was a rather small space! Whether they were young or worse, more infants, they desperately needed to be rescued quickly!

7. To set the record straight

Since the open space was very limited, the firefighters could have concluded that the animals were small and most likely infants. They realized this when they decided to quickly open the gate so they could get out and none of them showed up. For a medium-sized animal, the compartment was quite low and they were sure that if the animals were aware of their situation, they would have gone out quickly. So the firefighters were a little worried. They had to take extra precautions.

By exposing the area and opening the drain, they also began to hear the animals’ cries. They had confirmation that their predictions were right: they were going to save babies! However, due to the darkness of the area, they were not able to quickly identify which types of animals were involved. But no matter what, the firefighters had only one immediate goal, to help them as quickly as possible.

8. How did they get in there?

No matter how much they thought about it, they couldn’t understand how these babies ended up in this small, dark and isolated place. Cats and domestic dogs rarely leave their infants and give birth in such places even less often. These babies were so far from the wild animals and they were completely confused about how these poor little creatures ended up under the sewer.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department firefighting team still did not know what kind of babies they were. While some of them were sweeping the drain and planning the best way to get them out, others went to sweep the area and look for their potential mother.

9. Very delicate circumstances

Firefighters tried to search for the babies’ mothers for several hours, but they saw no signs of animals in the area. They could only come to one conclusion. The babies must have been abandoned by their mother and their arrival at the scene must have frightened her, or she had a terrible accident.

Since they felt terribly sad about the situation of babies, they were even more motivated to help them. So the firefighters started to act. They could only pray that it would not be too late and that each of them would still be alive.

10. Make a decision

It was March and when the sewer had recently filled with water, there was a lot of dirt and garbage of all kinds. Firefighters started to worry about babies. Fortunately, they were still alive when they saw them. However, they were cold and needed immediate help. But there were many things to consider.

What if their mother had left them there and was looking for food? If they took the babies out and brought them somewhere, how would their mother find them? It was still difficult for them to identify these poor creatures because of the darkness of the sewer. What was the best thing to do for these unfortunate babies?

11. A first action

No matter how complex the situation, the firefighters had to make a decision. To protect them from the cold of the sewer and to finally know what kind of animals they were dealing with, they decided to take the animals out of the sewer. The firefighters really needed to know what they had to do to help them.

If they were domestic animals, they would really need a lot of attention and care; if they were wild creatures, it would be better to leave them in the wild so that they could learn to survive on their own once they had got the help they needed. So they managed to reach the babies one by one.

12. Seeing the light of the world for the first time

While one of the firefighters slowly threw himself into the sewer to catch the poor babies, no one expected to know what kind of animal would come out of the pipe. A white cloth was placed next to the drain and everyone wore a pair of gloves to ensure that they would not remove the babies’ natural odors in case their mothers were looking for them. When the fireman managed to bring out the very first baby, everyone was amazed.

The shock was evident on the faces of all the firefighters as they took a look at the cute little creature. Seeing his black fur, lean tail, and drooping ears, they already knew what kind of animal it was. The babies were taken out one by one without interruption.

13. Hello puppies

The team couldn’t believe that what they were trying to save all this time was actually a bunch of cute little puppies! It wasn’t the first time they saved puppies, but it was the first time they found them trapped in a sewer! They had no idea how the puppies ended up under the drain, but they knew that this was not where they were supposed to be.

Firefighters knew that wild dogs tended to find comfortable places to give birth, but this sewer was far from comfortable and these puppies would never have survived. The team then began to conclude that an animal owner had to abandon them.

14. Sad reality

The firefighters were really happy that the pets were safe, but the way these poor creatures got stuck in the dark, cold sewers, they couldn’t help but feel sad that they had probably been left there by their owner. But without any evidence, they hoped that this would not be the case.

These puppies were all so cute, it was very hard for someone to leave them there considering they didn’t even know how to feed themselves yet. But ignoring the past, the firefighters had decided that, now that they were in their care, they would treat them the way they should be treated and cared for.

15. A lesson for all

That is why the firefighters wanted to remind pet owners who could not give their pets the care they needed that there were other options that did not involve leaving these innocent lives under the sewer.

16. Feeling the heat together

Although the sewer was not deep, it was still dark and the fact that these little puppies were all black didn’t really help. The firefighter who pulled them out was afraid that he would forget one and leave one behind. After extensive search and rescue operations, they were able to see eight small black puppies snuggle up on a white cloth. It seems they were really cold in the pipes and wanted to warm up with each other.

It was a very emotional time for the firefighting team, but they could see the pain these puppies had to endure. Their fur was full of dirt. Still worried about how these poor creatures had ended up in the sewers, the firefighters conducted a small investigation.

17. A witness appears

While the team was conducting their little investigation into what really happened to the puppies, a witness came forward. The witness explained that it was not what they thought. She saw what really happened to the puppies and they had not been abandoned by their owner. The witness remembers that it was an unusual March day because of the heavy and sudden rains and that she saw the poor little puppies being carried away by the strong and fast current until they found themselves in the drain.

18. Calling the right people

With everything that had happened, the firefighters were really happy that someone called them.

The very first time the witness saw the gang of unfortunate puppies drowns in the sewer, she knew he would not be able to help them alone. So she called the fire department.

19. The game of riddles

Now that the puppies were all safe and sound and their files closed, it was finally time for the firefighters to guess what breed they were. With their black and shiny fur and long tails, the firefighters agreed that these puppies should be labradors.

With their beauty, firefighters knew they would be adopted in no time. But first, they had to make sure that they were all healthy and that they did not suffer from any disease. They, therefore, contacted the nearest veterinarian.

20. A small assessment for puppies

As the firefighters didn’t really know how long the puppies had been in the sewer, they went to the vet quickly to do a quick check-up and make sure they were healthy. They went to the Human Society of the Pikes Peak Region and had them checked one by one. Fortunately, a few hours after waiting, they had received good news. The veterinarians assured them that they were all healthy and strong, even after these misadventures.

Mark Jenkins was part of the firefighting team that helped save the puppies: he decided to leave his number to the veterinarians.

21. Unexpected announcement

When he answered the vet’s call, Mark was a little worried that they might have found something wrong with the puppies. He was anxious about them getting sick or something. However, the veterinarian quickly assured him that there was nothing wrong with them and that they were fine. The call was to tell him something he hadn’t planned.

Mark was a little quiet for a while, watching his teammates wait for the latest news, but he couldn’t say anything. He suddenly found himself laughing aloud, with the phone still on his ears. Other firefighters looked at Mark strangely, but when he put the phone down and told them what the call was about, they were also shocked.

22. The shocking truth

When the fire team saw the little creatures, they all concluded that they were puppies. However, the veterinarian called to tell them something they didn’t expect. The little creatures were actually baby foxes!

The firemen couldn’t believe their eyes! The animals really looked like dogs. The veterinarian explained that technically they are still dogs, but not labradors because they were actually red foxes in particular. The veterinarian was not surprised that the fire brigade was wrong because baby foxes really look like puppies. It was a common mistake, but the firefighters could not recover from this great surprise.

23. Doing what is best for them

In addition to informing the firefighters that they were mistaken about the identity of the creatures, the veterinarian also had to ask them a small favor. Since the babies were actually baby foxes, the veterinarian was concerned that their mother would still be in the area looking for her babies. The veterinarian asked the firefighters to put the babies back in the sewer where they were found.

The firefighters quickly understood the situation and acted. They knew that a mother’s care would be best for these animals. And so they went back to the area, they put them where they had taken them out, but this time with them watching them from afar.

24. Take your chance

The firefighters returned the foxes to the cold drain but made sure that the area was completely safe for them. They looked at them from afar while waiting for their mother to return. They knew that distance was important so as not to frighten him, but patience was also something they had to practice.

The team hoped that the mother of the foxes would soon return to take care of them as soon as possible. They knew that foxes are more likely to appear at night when there are fewer people and the place is quiet.

25. A failed mission

The firemen spent several nights in the dark with the foxes while patiently waiting for their mother. However, their patience was already exhausted.

After several days of waiting, the firefighters knew they had to intervene again. They knew that the foxes really needed to get used to nature and learn to survive, but first, they needed someone to raise them.

26. Moving forward

The firefighters decided to pick up the poor foxes again and take action. They brought the baby foxes to a place where they knew they would get the knowledge they needed. They were once again welcomed by another animal-friendly clinic, The Animal Clinic of Woodland Park. The firefighters knew that this was the safest place for them to grow up as if they were really out in the wild.

27. A lesson and knowledge for all

After all that happened, many would have found this story a little funny, but the firefighters learned a lot from this experience that opened their eyes. Although firefighters have saved many animals in the past, this unique rescue will always remain remarkable for them.