19 Celebrity Doppelgangers From Different Countries

Your favourite celebrities are not entirely unique. Many of them have famous and non-famous doppelgangers you won't believe exist!


It is quite a compliment if someone says you look like a celebrity (although it depends which celebrity it is!). Many people from the four corners of the world have doppelgangers but many of them will never meet their ‘long lost twin’. Take a look at the famous and totally non-famous doppelgangers of your favourite stars!

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

Both of these men are great actors! Javier is Spanish and Jeffrey is American but honestly, these two could be long lost brothers!

2. Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage apparently has a long lost brother or cousin somewhere in the Middle East. They have the same mouth, the same moustache and the same eyebrows! The resemblance is uncanny.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio


Who wouldn’t want to look like Leo DiCaprio? Konrad Annerud is a 20-something Swedish skateboarder who looks exactly like a young Leo.

4. Bradley Cooper & Hrithik Roshan


Both actors, Bradley Cooper is American and Hrithik Roshan is Indian. Even though they don’t come from the same country, these two very good-looking men could be cousins!

5. Hugh Laurie


Doctor Laurie? Is that you? This man is actually a Russian plumber but maybe he knows a thing or two about heart surgery?

6. Ryan Gosling & Kliff Kingsbury


Ryan Gosling is one of the most celebrated actors of our time! Not sure who his gorgeous doppelganger is on the left? Kliff Kingsbury is a football coach at Texas Tech. Even though he’s not as famous, we wouldn’t mind a football lesson from this hottie!

7. Megan Fox & Claudia Alende


One is Brazilian and the other is American but these two women look a lot like each other. You probably know who Megan Fox is but Claudia Alende is an Instagram model who became famous when she entered the “Miss Bum Bum” contest.

8. Jack Sparrow


Was the movie Pirates of the Carribean based on this man? He looks exactly like Captain Jack Sparrow! We wonder if he works on a boat somewhere in the Carribean…

9. Adolph Hitler


Why would this man grow a mustache that looks like the former German Dictator’s moustache? He already looks like the notorious dictator… He’s not helping himself with his small square moustache.

10. Barack Obama


This Mexican man looks a lot like everyone’s favourite former U.S. president. People must do a double take every time they encounter him on the street.

11. Jeff Goldblum


Wow. On the left, you have the star of Jurassic Park and on the right, you have an Indian man who could be Jeff Goldblum’s brother.

12. Isla Fisher & Amy Adams


Beautiful, funny and great actresses, these two redheads are hard to tell apart. One way to tell them apart: Amy Adams usually is in more serious movies and Isla Fisher is usually more in comedies.

13. Mr. Bean


Looking like Rowan Atkinson, our favourite Mr. Bean, is maybe not the best compliment but you will get stopped many times on the street.

14. Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley


These two beautiful actresses look quite similar. They are both petite, soft-spoken and great actresses. At least you can tell them apart because one has a British accent and the other doesn’t!

15. Danny DeVito


Is that you Danny? We can’t believe this is not Danny DeVito. He must get stopped many times a week to take pictures with random strangers.

16. George Clooney


Who doesn’t love George Clooney? We would do a double take if we saw this Turkish man on our morning commute. Looking like one of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood is not the worst thing.

17. Helena Christensen & Cameron Diaz


Both of these women are incredibly beautiful! Danish model Helen Christensen worked with Victoria’s Secret for a long time while Cameron Diaz modelled and acted. Even though Diaz is a natural blond, when she had brown hair she looked exactly like the Danish model.

18. Dirk Nowitzki & Barry Pepper


One is a German NBA superstar and the other is a Canadian actor. Even if they are not from the same country, these two men could be brothers or at least cousins!

19. George W. Bush


Even though George W. Bush’s doppelganger is Asian, he looks exactly like the former president!

Source: Sarcasm Society