Dogs Hate When Humans Do These 11 Things

Dogs are a man's best friend but sometimes, humans do things that really annoy dogs. Don't want to be that person? Make sure that you and your best furry man are on good terms by learning what behaviours get on their nerves and stop those human habits that dogs dislike. Find out 11 things humans do that annoy dogs!


Your dog is your best friend. They have unconditional love for you and even though they don’t talk, they express their feelings for you with kisses and a wagging tail. But, just like they sometimes do things you dislike – such as jumping on you when you get home, munch on your favourite pair of shoes or dig holes everywhere in your garden – owners also have some habits that can get on a dog’s nerve even though they will never tell you, mostly because they don’t speak…

In order to have to best relationship possible with your pup and for him or her to be as happy and confortable as they can be in your presence and as a part of the family, make sure to learn what us humans do things that really annoy them. Stop doing these 11 things that dogs (really) hate.

1. Using words more than body language

Even though dogs do understand a few words — walk, toy, no, treat, fetch — they don’t understand our language. It is best to use your body language to show exactly what you want from your dog.

2. Hugging your dog

Humans love to hug each other to show how much they care about each other. However, most dogs hate hugs. For dogs, they see a hug as an act of dominance from you.

3. Petting a dog’s face or patting her head


No human enjoys being patted on the head and dogs feel the same way. They will tolerate it if they know you but if you’re a random stranger, they absolutely hate it.

4. Walking up to a strange dog while looking her in the eye

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Getting stared at by a stranger is creepy and unnerving so imagine if you were a dog and a human you didn’t know kept staring at you! Try not to have intense eye contact with a dog you don’t know.

5. Not providing structure and rules

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Dogs love to follow rules. They enjoy structure because that’s when they thrive and are the happiest. Keep your walks at the same time, and their feeding schedule similar so your dog stays happy.

6. Forcing your dog to interact with dogs or people she clearly doesn’t like

Like humans, dogs don’t love everyone so don’t force your dog to interact with everyone you meet. Make sure you check how your dog is reacting to other dogs and humans.

7. Going for walks without the opportunity to explore and smell

Dogs enjoy smelling and exploring when they go on a walk. Make sure they walk obediently on a leash but let them explore their surroundings so they can enjoy themselves too.

8. Keeping a tight leash, literally


Dogs don’t appreciate being on a tight leash. Once they are able to walk on a leash properly, let them walk on a slack leash or else they will be very unhappy.

9. Being tense


A dog will sense when you are tense and feeling stressed and if you are tense, your dog will also feel tense and anxious. Make sure you meditate or talk to your friends and family to feel better.

10. Being boring

Don’t be boring when you go on a walk with your dog. Play with them, throw them a ball, let them play with other dogs!

11. Teasing

If you want to keep a dog happy, don’t bark at them on the street, don’t pull their tail, don’t do anything to tease them and annoy them.

Source: Mother Nature Network