The Most Beautiful Pictures Ever Taken That Were Not Photoshopped

Forget about Photoshop. Nature, life and humanity provide their own unbelievably beautiful settings for some of the most stunning and real pictures.


Nature and humanity are both great artists, and when they join forces, spectacular pieces of art can be produced. Here are some of the most beautiful pictures of nature from all around the world ever taken that were absolutely not photoshopped.

18. Lake Natron, Tanzania

17. Tree Toad, Costa Rica

16. Unknown beach, Italia

15. Volcanic Eruption, Iceland

14. Wind Turbine, The Netherlands

13. Two Divided Worlds, USA

12. Namibian Desert, Africa

11. Full Moon on a Satellite Dish

10. Spider webs in the forest of Abernethy, Scotland

9. A Temple covered in ashes after a volcanic eruption, Japan

8. Yunnan, China

7. The celebration of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-Sung’s 100th birthday

6. This is what happens when you throw tea in the Arctic

5. An Eagle Flying Over a Lake, Canada

4. Tennis Ball or Galaxy

3. Living in a cloud, Japan

2. Flamingos Forming a Flamingo Shape, Yucatan Peninsula

1. Butterfly Squid in Hotaru Ika, Japan

Source: proofity