8 Ways To Use A Deodorant To Help You With Common Problems

It is used to prevent unpleasant odours under our arms, yet there are many other ways to use a deodorant that will change your routine.


Deodorant has 8 uses that are completely different from the main use for which it is purchased.

1. For slipping sunglasses

When you sweat, your sunglasses tend to slip. To keep them in place, simply apply a little bit of deodorant to the frame.

2. For our hair

When it is hot, hair sticks to our scalp and looks oily. Applying a little deodorant on the root of the hair will help the problem disappear.

3. For our pants

We love our pants and we absolutely want to get them up our thighs: deodorant is our best friend. Simply apply deodorant from your thigh to your ankles and slide into your favourite pair of pants.

4. For sweat

Yes, you put some under your arms, but it is also possible to put some elsewhere on your body to prevent sweating. Example: under your breasts.

5. At night

If you are too hot when you sleep, you wake up sweaty from head to toe and you don’t feel very comfortable. Apply some on your back to avoid waking up in a pool of sweat and catching a cold.

6. For our feet

The foot is the part of the body that contains the most sweat glands. It is normal for it to sweat a lot. To prevent your shoes from being condemned forever, apply deodorant to your entire foot.

7. For blisters

Moisture in the feet can cause painful blisters. When you apply deodorant, you prevent the foot from getting wet, so you prevent blisters from appearing.

8. For shaved skin

When you shave, there are sometimes small red spots that form. If you apply deodorant after shaving, you avoid these small spots and make your skin smoother.

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