Top 11 Cities in Which You Really Don’t Want to Live

Not all places have a good reputation. Here are some cities where most people would not move.


Do you want to move? It goes without saying that choosing a new city is not an easy decision. You should think about choosing your new city according to its economy, but also according to the school system, the environment, and the crime rate. Here are some cities where you really don’t want to move. Find out why now!

11. Memphis, Tennessee

In Memphis, Tennessee, is Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland. It is the heart of rock and roll, soul and blues. If you like music, there is a lot to see. Since house prices are based on demand, the lower the prices, the lower the demand. The median price of homes in Memphis is $93,700 and the unemployment rate is 11.3%, making it difficult to pay for one of these low-cost homes. According to the FBI, the crime rate is the 9th highest in the United States. In terms of education, Memphis has the 76th highest dropout rate.

10. Jackson, Missouri

Jackson, Missouri, is located in Cape Girardeau County. The median home price is $89,500 and the unemployment rate is 12.8%. The median income is about $54,000. As a result, Jackson has the 52nd highest crime rate in the United States. A brief search on TripAdvisor gives a fairly short list of what to see in Jackson. Jackson spends less on education than the American average. Many of the wages are lower than the U.S. average for the same job.

9. Damascus, Syria

The worst city in the world is Damascus, Syria. This city was founded about 5,000 years ago. However, as it is currently in an active war zone, it is no longer a desirable place to live. Many of the refugees fleeing to Europe are Syrians. The US State Department classifies Syria as a level 4, which means not to travel there. They cite the use of lethal force against civilians, including ballistic missiles and chemical weapons, as the reason for the ban.

8. Dayton, Ohio

If you are an aviation enthusiast, you know Dayton, Ohio. However, it is on the list of places where it is not good to live. With the second-worst median home price of $66,600, an unemployment rate of 13.3% and the third-lowest median income ($28,745), there is a lot of crime. Median income means that a large number of people live at or below the poverty rate. Dayton has the 34th highest crime rate in the United States.

7. Detroit, Michigan

The home of the automobile manufacturers and Mo-Town, Detroit, Michigan, was once a thriving and thriving city. Today, it is one of the worst cities. The median values of $41,000 for houses make it the worst value. The unemployment rate of 22.1% ranks it last. The median income of $26,249 puts many people at or below the poverty line. Detroit ranks third in terms of crime, behind Saint-Louis and Baltimore. From a health perspective, Detriot residents have the 2nd highest risk of high blood pressure in the United States (just behind Memphis…).

6. Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli, Libya, was once a world city. Founded in the 7th century BC, Tripoli has a long and rich history. Unfortunately, there is also an active war, thanks to Muslim extremists. The US State Department classifies Libya as a level 4 (do not travel there). They list the immediate risks to American citizens from four different terrorist groups that focus on Westerners in general and Americans in particular. The level of piracy is also very high in this area.

5. San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino, California, is east of Los Angeles. House prices are $176,800 and the crime rate is high. The American scale for violent crimes is 31.1 and the San Bernardino scale is 80.6. Property crimes rank 56.2nd, compared to 38.1st in the United States. San Bernardino spends less than the American average per student.

4. Cleveland, Ohio

In addition to being the focus of jokes and the background to the Drew Carey Show, Cleveland lists the worst places to live. The average price of a home is $67,000 (the third-lowest value) and the unemployment rate of 17.3% is also the third-lowest value. Its crime rate is the 13th highest. The United States ranks violent crime as at 31.1. Cleveland has a ranking of 91.6 out of 100, which makes it incredibly violent. The ranking of property crimes is twice as high as the US average.

3. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, is the largest city on the African continent and one of the fastest growing in the world. These two alone are eligible for the horror of the city, but there is more. Boko Haram, a particularly dangerous group of Muslim extremists, frequently put Lagos on the news. The US State Department classifies Nigeria at level 3: reconsider travel. They cite both terrorist acts and violent crimes as good reasons not to visit or live in Lagos.

2. Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville, Texas, has listed horrible places to live, not so much because of the low value of its homes (9th worst) and the moderate unemployment rate (9.4%), or the low median income ($34,255), but because it is boring. Summers are long, hot and humid. Winters are cool, dry and windy and the weather is cloudy for most of the year.

1. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, is on the list of cities with the lowest median home values (51st worst) and an unemployment rate above the 10.1% average. It also has the 15th highest crime rate among American cities. Violent crimes rank Tucson about twice as high as the US average, while property crimes are two and a half times higher. As Tucson is in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, it is hot in summer and moderate in winter. The average salary per occupation is lower than the American average in Tucson.