These 7 Charging Mistakes Are Exhausting Your iPhone Battery

Is your iPhone barely a year old and already losing battery power as quickly as a 50 year old loses his hair? Avoid making these 7 charging mistakes.


Every time you purchase a new iPhone, it seems as though the battery will last a lifetime. However, after a couple of months, the batterie’s life slowly but surely decreases to a point where you can’t even leave the house without your portable charger! Discover the 7 charging mistakes most people make that results in killing your phone battery.

1. You’re charging to 100%

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Don’t run to your charger every time your phone battery goes below 90. Your phone is happiest between 30-80%, which means it will run more efficiently. It’s better to charge it in short bursts than all night long.

2. You’re letting your phone die


Try to avoid having your phone get to “low battery” since lithium batteries do not like to be too low. Every single time you let your battery get discharged completely, it wears it down.

3. You’re overheating your battery


If you are in extreme temperatures (the Sahara desert for example or Antartica), try to keep your home inside at room temperature or between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Phone batteries hate extreme temperatures since they have to spend more energy to work properly.

4. You’re using your wireless charger too much


Wireless chargers are very helpful when you’re not home but you should avoid using them when you can since both the case and the battery heat during the charging. This can damage the device.

5. You’re leaving your case on while you charge

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Remove your case when you charge your phone because if you leave it on, it might trap the heat and damage the battery.

6. You’re storing your backup phone without a charge

Let’s be honest, most of us have a few iPhones lying around at home. Make sure you can actually use these old iPhones by charging them to 50%. If you don’t charge it at all, it could turn into a “deep discharge state” and if it’s charged at 100% it can also lose some of its capacities.

7. You’re using the wrong charger

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You might not know this but Apple chargers stop giving power to your phone when it reaches 100%. Cheap and unauthorized USB chargers do not, which means they suck all the juice out of your battery. Stick to your Apple charger.

Source: Thrillist