Love Luxury Yachts? Here Are The Top 10 Most Expensive Boats

Travelling the sea by yacht is not something most people get to experience. Take a look at the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the world.


Owning a luxury yacht is, unfortunately, reserved only to those with a very large fortune. Most of these boats are more expensive than houses and some even exceed the billion dollar mark. Here is a list of the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the world.

10. Lady Moura – $210 million

The least expensive yacht starts at a mere $210 million. Not bad, right? The Lady Moura is owned by the Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid. This yacht includes a pool with a retractable roof, a helicopter, and a 75-foot dining table.

9. Al Mirqab – $250 million

This yacht is owned by Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. This boat was completed in 2008 and includes 10 suites that can accommodate 24 people, 2 VIP suites and 55 rooms for the crew.

8. Dilbar – $256 million

The Dilbar was built for the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov and puts around the water with a speed of 42 kmph. This boat is extra special because it has the largest pool of all superyachts as well as two helipads and 3,800 square metres of living space.

7. Al Said – $300 million

This superyacht can host 70 of your closest guests and includes a concert hall (and a 50-piece orchestra) for all your dinner parties and entertaining. This yacht is said to be owned by the royal family of Oman.

6. Motor Yacht A – $323 million

This new age looking ship was constructed by Philippe Stark and is owned by the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Although this yacht is a little smaller since it can only accommodate a crew of 37 people, 14 guests and 5 staff members, it is still pretty incredible.

5. Dubai – $350 million

First ordered by Brunei’s Prince Jefri Bolkiah, this superyacht project was stopped until the UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ordered it again. The yacht is 525 feet and includes a swimming pool, spa, helipad, glass staircase and many other amenities.

4. Azzam – $650 million

Owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nayan, the President of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi, this yacht is the most complex and challenging yacht ever built and is also the longest private yacht ever built at 180 m long.

3. Streets of Monaco – $1.1 billion

This ship is not built yet but it is designed to replicate the city of Monaco. On the yacht, there will be scaled-down replicas of some of the most famous landmarks of Monte Carlo like the Monte Carlo Casino, racetrack, Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse, Loews Hotel and Cafe de Paris.

2. Eclipse – $1.5 billion

Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abromavich, this superyacht has its own private defence system to detect intruders and anyone who tries to take a picture of this yacht will be saddened to know the ship uses modern light technology to block pictures. It also had its own submarine!

1. History Supreme – (approx.) $4.5 billion

This is the world’s most expensive yacht. It took 3 years to build this ship and is said to be owned by a Malaysian businessman. There is a thin layer of solid gold pretty much everywhere on the boat. There is a wall made out of meteorite rock in the master bedroom and a statue made out of real bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some people have just too much money!

Source: Motion Now