15 beauty tips that women might find practical!

Get gorgeous with minimal effort! These 15 beauty tricks are perfect for women who want to shorten their beauty routine.


Whether you have recently started wearing makeup or you’ve been wearing makeup all your life, learning a few extra tips and tricks can’t hurt. These tips will help reduce the time you take to apply your makeup and will help make it last longer too. Here are 15 beauty tricks every woman should know and adopt.

1. Use a white base coat for your nails

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If you don’t have a clear base coat at home or if you want to make your nail colour pop, use white nail polish as your base coat.

2. Apply your mascara towards the bottom, not the top


If you want your lashes to look thicker and to make your eyes look bigger, tilt your brush inward, not up.

3. Use a white eyeliner on your eyelids to reduce the shadows on your eyes

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Just like your nails, applying white eyeliner as a base on your eyes before your real colour will make them pop. The colour will look more intense and the eyeshadow will last longer.

4. Make your own oil absorbing face sheets


If you have combination or oily skin and you use a lot of those blotting papers, stop buying them and use this cheaper alternative: coffee filters. They work as well as beauty store blotting papers and fit anywhere from your purse to your cosmetic bag.

5. Transform a simple eye crayon into a gel liner

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If you watch a lot of beauty tutorials, you know how much makeup is needed for “simple looks”. Don’t go out and spend all your money on cosmetics when you can easily transform the makeup you already have at home. If you only have crayon eyeliners but you would like a gel formula, all you need to do is melt your crayon for a few seconds and then apply the gel formula on your eyes (just make sure it is not too hot).

6. Take off your nail polish quickly

Take one to four sponges and place them in a little container. Pour some nail polish remover into the container and when you need to remove your nail polish, place your finger around/in the sponges. Your finger will come out free of any colour.

7. Use a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair

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Never dry your hair with a normal towel if you tend to have frizzy and unruly hair. Instead, use an old cotton t-shirt to dry your hair to get nice curls.

8. Set your lipstick with powder

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Set your lipstick with this simple trick: apply the colour to your lips, wait until it dries and then place a 1-ply tissue on your lips big enough to cover your mouth. With a brush, dust some translucent powder to set your lipstick.

9. Hide your deep under eye wrinkles


Trace triangles under your eyes, starting from under the bottom lashes and extending to the bottom of your cheek to make your whole face look brighter.

10. Keep your favourite mascara brush

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If you love a mascara brush but you don’t love the mascara formula, wash your favourite brush and use it in another mascara formula.

11. Apply fake lashes glue flawlessly


Use a hairpin to apply glue to fake eyelashes. This will make the whole process much easier and we promise you won’t get glue all over your fingers.

12. Check your makeup in different lighting


If you have very soft lighting in your bedroom and that’s where you do your makeup, you will need to go in another room like the bathroom or even outside (anywhere with a lot of natural light) to make sure your makeup has been blended properly. You wouldn’t want someone to ask you why you have orange on your cheeks or why your makeup ends right before your neck.

13. Get a sexy smokey eye without the effort

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Smokey eyes look so difficult to make but there is a foolproof way to get the perfect smokey eye every time. Make a number sign with the eyeliner pencil colour of your choice in the outer corner of your eye (as shown above) and make a line above your lash line until the inner corner of your eye. Blend it well to create that smokey look.

14. Trace your eyebrows with a fork

Place a fork diagonally on your eyebrow, it will allow you to have a good reference point when you apply your eyebrow makeup. This will ensure you get perfectly drawn eyebrows everytime.

15. Have natural luscious lips

If you want the appearance of plumper lips, apply peppermint essential oil to your lips. Your lips will tingle and the essential oil will instantly make your lips appear bigger.


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