Never Make These 15 Cooking Mistakes Again

You might be making these cooking mistakes your whole life without even knowing it. Improve your kitchen skills by never making these errors again.


Everyone is subject to cooking mistakes. And by that, we don’t mean that time when you forgot about the chicken casserole in the oven and burnt it. You’re talking about little errors even good cooks make over and over again without even knowing it is a mistake. Discover these 15 kitchen faux-pas so you never make them again. We learn something everyday!

15. Not preheating the pan

Putting steaks in a cooking pan while it is still cold is the wrong way to go. For juicy and perfectly cooked meat, don’t forget to heat it first. Once hot, add a little oil before placing meat in the pan.

14. Choosing the wrong kind of potatoes


For smooth and soft mashed potatoes, opt for variety with a high starch content such as Russets or Yukon Gold. Red and white potatoes are waxier and won’t make the creamiest mashed.

13. Adding salt to boiling potatoes

Femme Actuelle

Adding salt to your potatoes boiling water is useless. While cooking, it will absorb the water and salt. Simply season your potatoes once they are cooked.

12. Overcooking your vegetables


Green vegetables, like broccoli and green beans, cook very fast. Don’t leave them in more than 10 minutes in boiling water.

11. Overkneading dough


Overkneading gently your pie dough doesn’t forgive. Use flour with a little gluten in it (for example spelt flour) to make your dough easier to roll if it got a little too hard.

10. Speeding up the cooking process

The recipe says to let the meat simmer for 2 hours? Don’t try to save time by increasing the temperature. The meat will be dry and the sauce won’t be as savoury.

9. Not properly draining boiled potatoes

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Make sure you drain your boiled potatoes well before mashing them. Otherwise, they will end up tasting like water. When in doubt, gently heat them in a dry pan before mashing them.

8. Letting pies cool in the oven

Baking Pecan Pie in The Oven for Holidays

Don’t leave your pie or cake in the oven to cool it down. You will risk drying it. Baked goods would always cool down on the countertop.

7. Over flipping breaded meat

Avoid constantly flipping breaded pieces of meat frying in a pan. We suggest you let it cook on each side for at least 3 minutes.

6. Adding cold ingredients to mashed potatoes


Don’t add butter and cream or milk to your mashed potatoes straight from the fridge. Let them get to room temperature first. The ingredients will blend more easily and won’t cool down the potatoes.

5. Adding salt at the wrong moment

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Did you know you should only salt your food at the very end of the cooking process? You will avoid constantly having to add salt and its aroma will remain intact.

4. Cooking too much in advance


Prepping can save you a lot of time and stress. But some dishes are best eaten freshly made, like mashed potatoes. If you absolutely need to prepare them in advance, add your cooked potatoes to a heat resistant bowl, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and place it on top of a pot with simmering water for 2 hours. If you have a slow cooker, you can also use that. Make sure you mix them well before serving.

3. Rinsing pasta

Draining cooked spaghetti

Never rinse pasta with cold water, especially if you cooked them in vegetable broth. Properly cooked pasta won’t get sticky and will be tastier and warmer if you don’t rinse them.

2. Adding dressing too early

Packed a salad for lunch? Don’t add the dressing right away. it will prevent the lettuce from getting soggy.

1. Overcooking onions

Pour ceux qui aiment cuisiner

Avoid ruining your dish right from the start with burnt onions. Cook them on high for less than 1 minute, no more.


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