10 genius uses for lip balm that will save your life

Thought lip balm's only purpose was to keep your mouth moisturized? Think again. These unusual ways to use it will simplify your life.


There’s one in your purse, one in your car, one in your bathroom, your sports bag and the inside pocket of your coat. Winter like summer, women like men, lip balms are a human’s best friend. Now more than ever, lip balms will become vital to your everyday life with these 10 inventive ways to use these hydrating sticks.

10. Remove rings


Can’t take off your ring? Before you start worrying about losing your finger or taking out the saw, take a big breath and reach out for lip balm. Just like the soap technique, a little lip balm will help the ring slip right off.

9. Repair leather and make it shine


Rub some lip balm on your leather boots, coat, belt and other used accessories to remove marks and make it shine.

8. Light a fire

Adding a little balm to a cotton ball before lighting it up. The oil contained in the product will make the flame bigger and help you start your fire.

7. Help heal small wounds


Lip balms help reduce the tingling sensation on your wounds. Apply a little coat to soothe the area and eliminate redness. Always make sure to read the label before applying to an open wound.

6. Prevent blisters

Whether you are breaking in new shoes or getting ready to walk for a long time, applying lip balm on your feet can prevent you from getting blisters.

5. Soothe nose area

You have probably already tried this trick. When you have a cold and you blow your nose 800 times a day, it will soon turn very red and sensitive. In order to keep it hydrated and avoid redness, apply some balm.

4. Make perfume last longer


Apply some lip balm where you usually put your perfume. The product will absorb the scent which will be stronger and will last longer.

3. DIY candle


In case of emergency, insert a match in your ChapStick to create a DIY candle. This bright trick will provide a source of light in last resort.

2. Lubricate zippers


If your zipper has the tendency of getting stock, use a little lip balm to help it move up and down more easily.

1. Get rid of static

Dealing with static? Use a little lip balm on your hairbrush or eyebrow brush to make your hair smooth, your eyebrows neat and tidy, and eliminate static.


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