You Won’t Believe These Freaky Photos Caught On Trail Cams

Take a look at these 30 hilarious and sometimes freaky photos caught on trail cams.


A forest at night can be creepy and spooky since it is so dark and so quiet. Us humans never really know what’s going on because honestly, who would want to venture into a dark forest anyway? Thankfully, some animal trackers have demystified the goings on of the animal kingdom at dusk. Take a look at these 30 hilarious and sometimes freaky photos caught on trail cams.

30. Caught red-handed

You can run but you can’t hide buddy. This animal just caught his dinner and is afraid the humans taking the picture are going to try to steal his meal.

29. Santa visits the animals too

If Santa visits all the children in the world, why wouldn’t he also visit the animals? All this bear wants for Christmas is salmon and maybe a nice garbage bag filled with chips and sandwiches.

28. A fair fight?

We’ll never know who won between these two but we’re betting it’s the raccoon. The ‘bandit of the forest’ can be quite vicious when it comes to food.

27. Dinner has arrived

You don’t need a plastic container for your potluck dinner contribution when you’re a deer. All you need to do is poke the meat in your antlers.

26. Laser beam eyes

Is this a predatorial technique? To shoot laser beams out of your eyes to freeze the opponent. The forest hides some incredible secrets…

25. A new head of hair

Trends come and go and we bet this deer will regret this new head of hair. Part afro, part woodland creature, walking through the forest with that hair must get frustrating.

24. When you feel like someone is staring at you…

Did the bunny get away or did it become this mountain lion’s dinner? All we want to say is: “RUUUUNNN LITTLE BUNNY!!”

23. Fearless raccoon

Again, this small raccoon is fighting a bigger and stronger animal. I think this one has a Napoleon complex…

22. Is it cliché to call this photo “a deer caught in the headlights”?

There is no better way to say it. This is the epitome of a deer caught in the headlights.

21. Bug eating party

These wolves are probably howling together but we prefer to think they are trying to catch bugs for their midnight snack.

20. A gang of spectators

This looks like a normal photo of two deer fighting until you notice the little beady eyes of the five raccoons in the background. These buggers love a good fight.

19. King of the forest

The king of the forest is enjoying some downtime while his two servants watch the surroundings for any potential threats.

18. Deer invasion

We think the people who took this picture stumbled upon a deer conference.

17. Midnight snack

This cute little otter decided to show off his catch of the night: a yummy fish he will devour in two quick minutes.

16. Dance party

One deer took the dance party a bit too seriously. This strange dance move looks like it might result in a swollen ankle.

15. Police chase

This apple-stealing deer was caught red-handed by the super bat police. Who said crime-fighting Batman didn’t exist?

14. The aftermath of a raging raccoon party

These partying rodents look like they just finished the biggest rager of history.

13. Flying squirrel attack

This deer has no idea a flying squirrel is going to fly right into his antlers.

12. Best friends for life

These two make the most unusual of friends but the cat is lucky to get a lift everywhere he wants from his buffalo friend. A true friendship.

11. Get a room!

There is absolutely no privacy in the woods. These young lovers are trying to spend quality time together and can’t get a minute to themselves.

10. When you open your camera and it’s on the front camera

Don’t you just hate it when your front camera takes a close picture of you at an unfortunate angle? This deer sure does.

9. Big prey, small predator

Deers seem to get attacked by flying animals all the time. This time, it is an owl that is out to get this poor creature.

8. The burglars of the forest strike again

These striped bandits found the food and are making it rain! You get food, you get food, EVERYONE GETS FOOD!

7. No privacy in this place

A bear needs his privacy! The forest is his bathroom, after all!

6. A prickly embrace

Lovers? Enemies? These porcupines look like they might even be dancing!

5. Interrupted family dinner

Nothing is worse than getting interrupted during a family meal. This poor deer family had barely touched their food when this photo was taken.

4. Keg party

One can always rely on the deer with the biggest antlers to bring the keg to the forest party. We bet this is going to be better than that raccoon party.

3. Can I have this dance?

Maybe this is the dancing partner of the other deer? Looks like he is practicing his tango or salsa steps. One, two, cha, cha, cha.

2. Pumbaa, is that you?

This is not a creature we’d like to encounter at night in a dark forest unless he’s as nice as Pumbaa from The Lion King.

1. Photobomb raccoon

A peaceful pair of deer got photobombed by this little rodent. Raccoons never stop wrecking havoc!