Donald Trump Ignores Warnings, Looks Directly at the Total Eclipse

Apparently, warnings don't apply to Trump, who looked at the eclipse without protection. Reactions on social media will make your eyes water from laughter.


President of the United States, Donald Trump, does not take advice from anyone, even when it comes to the safety of his eyes. While the whole population was warned multiple times to protect their eyes and refrain from looking directly at a total eclipse, Trump did just that. News channels reported on it, and people on social media certainly didn’t close their eyes on the event.

6. Fake News

Shooter McGavin saw an opportunity to joke about Trumps’ habit of claiming anything that goes against his narrative as fake news. This tongue-in-cheek comment received more than 1 800 likes and was shared by more than 900 people.

5. Not Impressed

A lot of the public was not impressed by Trump’s actions. After all, when the man at the head of one of the most powerful countries in the world can’t grasp a simple thing such as one should not look directly at a total eclipse, it is normal to fear for the future of us all.

4. What Are Consequences?

It is quite obvious that Trump does not care about consequences, nor his own eyes, for that matter. Or perhaps he simply did not pay attention to the warnings, as they did not concern him directly? He probably thinks he is invincible. Yes, that must be it.

3. The Almighty Trump

The president of the United States can do anything, even embarrass his citizens when they expect it the least. It was only an eclipse, though Trump couldn’t anything to make you want to bang your head on the wall and regret being American? Think again. You will never be safe.

2. In Short

The Twitter user operating under the name Red T Raccoon says this situation as the perfect opportunity to sum up his view on the whole Trump presidency with a single line of text and a picture. Conciseness at its best.

1.  Happy Ending

In the end, everything was great again, as Trump, just like everyone else on the planet, finally put on protective glasses to protect his eyes while staring at the total solar eclipse.

Source: First to Know