The Photographer Captured More Than Expected

Timing is everything. These funny, strange and surprising photos taken by an unexpecting photographer will make you laugh and prove our point.


Angles, unpredictable events and surprising situations have turned these otherwise ordinary pictures into funny and sometimes shocking snapshots! One thing is for sure, these photographers did not expect to capture the following images.

15. Strange Apparition

Angles, again. What must have been a stunning and very difficult figure skating position from any other perspective turned out pretty weird from the photographer’s standing point…

14. A Sausage With That Mustard?

We have no clue as to what happened here. A flying sausage? A slippery hot dog? An edible projectile? One thing is for sure, hands or no hands, this lady is hungry and here for the meat.

13. No Discrimination

Gymnastic is known to be a very selective sport. It’s therefore quite nice to see that it did not discriminate towards this rather original being.

12. Isolated Shower

The photographer might have captured the last smiling moment of the concert goer as this very wet projectile is heading straight… For her head.

11. Isolated Shower 2.0

Speaking of people unaware of their very wet future, these frolicking youngsters on the side of the road are in for one hell of a shower. Unless the truck stops before it gets to them, which it does not seem like it intends to do.

10. Hybrid Specie

The fish-man might be real after all. It seems like fish have evolved and now have arms… Okay, yeah, there is someone swimming behind the fish and the picture was taken at the perfect moment, we know.

9. Legs for Days

With legs like these, this baby has a future in modelling. Or is it an adult whose head and torso forgot to age? Is it the work of an anti-ageing cream and if so, what is it called?

8. Mutant Seagull

African elephants can go home, seagulls are the new biggest terrestrial animal on earth. And it flies. Say goodbye to your MacDonald’s fries because you are never eating another in your life with these beasts around.

7. Fittest Man On Earth

After the biggest animal on earth, the fittest man on earth. Who thought one could jump high enough to spine around a plane…

6. Dinner for Two

Or, come to think of it, just one… The fisherman seems very happy with his catch, but some else is even happier to have his dinner ready and posing for a photo right in front of his eyes.

5. Slippery Slope

Whether these two were having an argument or just joking around, one thing is for sure, this certainly escalated quickly. Or would we say “tumbled”.

4. Slaying Grandma

We’re sure that this lady wasn’t expecting a ride this bumpy, but she sure is doing a good job at surviving the descent to hell.

3. On Solid Ground

This sheep won’t let itself be bullied. It made that very clear. And the little girl who was riding on its back might have taken it the hard way, but we are sure that the two are on solid ground now.

2. In for a swim

We are not convinced about her choice of baby blue shorts nor the idea to wear a shirt and sandals to go for a swim, but we are sure this lady made a splash anyway.

1. Nosy Elephant

We know this pratique is quite common among animals, but this nosy elephant certainly took this young lady and the photographer by surprise.

Source: OMG Lane