22 Old Toys Now Worth a Fortune

You might want to have a look in your old toy chest collecting dust in the attic, because its content could make you rich.


Next time you visit your parents’ home, why don’t you take a trip down memory lane and rummage through your old toys? And not just for the sake of it. In fact, some of your finds could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So if you find some of the following toys from the ’80s and ’90s, and especially if they are still in the original package, you might want to get yourself an eBay account.

22. Sky Dancers

Original price: $9.99
Potential resale price: $80
Companies that rejected the Gentile brothers’ pitch missed out… Their doll that flies high and twirls with a pull of a string were a success. Many of the toys were recalled for safety reasons which just increased their value.

21. Happy Meal toys

Original price: a Happy Meal
Potential resale price: $100

McDonald’s removed Happy Meals from its value menu and hiked up the price to $3.99 in most locations. The older toys that came with Happy Meals are skyrocketing in value. They easily sell on eBay for $100, some for a lot more. For example, a whole set of “McFurbys” has been put up for sale for $899.

20. Skip-It

Original price: $12.89  
Potential resale price: $120
Skip-Its are still available for sale, but lost in popularity among kids today. However, collectors are still interested in vintage Skip-It, which can sell for $120 on eBay. However, at this price, they have to be in original packaging.

19. Lite Brite

Original price: $9.97
Potential resale price: $130–150

Time Magazine named it one of the top 100 toys of all time in an article, due to the toy’s continued popularity since its release in 1967. If you own a vintage Lite Brite set still in its box, you could sell it for $130 to $150. The game is still sold in stores, but new versions are obviously not worth that much.

18. Moon Shoes

Original price: $37.52
Potential resale price: $200
First introduced in the 1950s, these weird-looking shoes had success well into the 1990s. If you have any vintage pairs, you might be able to resell them for a couple hundred on eBay, especially if your Moon Shoes are in perfect condition and still in the original packaging.

17. Dear Diary

Original price: Unknown
Potential resale price: $200
Kids have secrets too! Dear Diary, which can only be opened with a secret code, providing youngsters with a place to store their thoughts away from the prying eyes of adults. Tiger Electronics released this electronic diary in the 1990s which became an instant hit. Remember, they will usually go for the most if you’re in original packaging and in mint condition.

16. View-Master

Original price: $12.50
Potential resale price: $430
Introduced in 1939, the View-Master allowed children and adults to look through the binocular-like device to view photos and other images. It’s been used for Disneyland rides, TV shows and some blockbuster flicks like Jurassic Park and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. View-Master has fancy upgraded versions but vintage is worth more.

15. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Original price: $20
Potential resale price: $550

Strawberry Shortcake is the six-year-old, red-headed protagonist of The World of Strawberry Shortcake. On eBay, a vintage doll of Strawberry Shortcake character Banana Twirl has been sold for $550. Other characters should go for lots too, as long as they’re vintage in original packaging.

14. Super Soaker

Original price: $10–50
Potential resale price: $600
This toy water gun operating manually using pressurized air was the joy of many little kids, especially during summertime, much to the annoyance of many parents. Its popularity generated more than $1 billion in total sales. Demand might be different right now for particular Super Soakers. If you sell the right water gun at the right time, you could look at a tidy sum.

13. Toy Story toys

Original price: $30
Potential resale price: $700

We have yet to meet a millennial who hasn’t seen Toy Story. Some real-life versions of the main characters could sell for $550—$580. Supporting roles actually might sell for more. For instance, little-known character’s action figures can sell for $700. If you have any of the annoying alien characters from the crane machine, those might retail for $690.

12. Nintendo 64 games

Original price: $59.99
Potential resale price: $750

But you have to own the right ones. One of the most in-demand cartridges is Mario Kart 64. In mint condition in an unopened box, it can sell for $750. A rare one that’ll get you even more money is Harvest Moon 64.

11. Jurassic Park Toys

Original price: $26.99
Potential resale price: $900

Jurassic Park was a major blockbuster movie that still retains a loyal fan base. Action figures of dinosaurs and the human characters are now worth a pretty penny to collectors.

10. Furby

Original price: $35
Potential resale price: $900

The annoying fuzzy electronic critter became the “must have” item for 90s kids, much to the disdain of parents forced to listen to its incessant gibberish. To pull in the big bucks nowadays, your Furby needs to be in its original box. But if you own one, you are in luck!

9. My Little Pony Dolls

Original price: $13
Potential resale price: $900

Introduced in 1982, My Little Ponie captures the hearts and minds of fans even today. Back in the 1980s, 150 million toys were sold in the US. New versions of the pony are still being created to this day. However, it’s the vintage ones that rake in the most money.

8. Pogs

Original price: unknown
Potential resale price: $1,000

Pogs were originally round cardboard inserts in milk caps with which kids played a flipping game. It’s insane to think they could pull in $1,000 for the full Marilyn Monroe set. If you have the complete Jurassic Park set, it could possibly be worth more than $1,000. One full set of pogs of the movie dinos, which included six holographic pogs, has been sold for $1 million. More normal sets can do at least $100.

7. Game Boy

Original price: $89.99
Potential resale price: $750-$1,500

Created in 1989, the Game Boy became a popular handheld game console. If you’re a 90’s kid, you’re likely to have one laying around your house. An original Game Boy can get up to over $1K on eBay.

6. Power Rangers

Original price: $20
Potential resale price: $1,400

About $350 million worth of Power Ranger toys were sold in 1994. The franchise was still going strong in 1998 with $200 million in sales. However, only special editions of Power Ranger toys are worth a lot of money now.

5. Skeletor action figure

Original price: $4.99
Potential resale price: $1,600

Back in the ’80s, everyone loved the protagonist He-Man, but it’s actually his arch-nemesis Skeletor that’s worth the big bucks. Diehard collectors are willing to shell out $1,650 for a Skeletor action figure. As with most toys in the reselling game, it has to be in its original box to be sold for that price.

4. Teddy Ruxpin

Original price: $159
Potential resale price: $1,640

This cuddly teddy bear came onto the market in 1985 to read bedtime stories to children through pre-recorded cassette tapes. Taken off the market in 1987, the original Teddy Ruxpin was today’s equivalent of $159. When it was reintroduced in 2017, it quickly became the “must have” toy for the holidays. A 1985 original Teddy Ruxpin is the kind that’ll draw in the big bucks on eBay.

3. Polly Pocket

Original price: $14.99
Potential resale price: $1,926

These tiny doll portable sets popular in the ’80s and ’90s came in various themes—mermaid, princess, you name it. If you managed to keep track of every piece of your Polly Pocket set, you could get some cold hard cash. Reselling sites, like eBay, are best for selling the popular toy.

2. Transformers action figures

Original price: $20
Potential resale price: $2,000

The franchise’s action figures’ values have skyrocketed since it first came out in the 1980s. Transformers are still sold at places like Target or Walmart but only vintage ones are valuable, especially the very popular hero, Optimus Prime.

1. Playmobil

Original price: $18-$26
Potential resale price: $1,999-$2,322

Playmobil has become a cult obsession for adults although it was originally created for children. The vintage sets have catapulted in popularity. A big collection of vintage Playmobil listed on eBay for $1,999.