19 Incredibly Bad Tourist Pictures You Can’t Help Laughing At

Some incredible vacation moments can be captured by a camera. Take a look at these 19 horrible tourist pictures and feel better about your blurry ones.


Thought you had funny vacation photos? Take a look at the incredibly bad tourist pictures below and try not to laugh too hard. From naked men in the background to being swept away by a wave, enjoy clicking through these photos.

1. Copycats

How to look like the most touristy of tourists? Make the whole family wear a Statue of Liberty hat on the way to go see the Statue of Liberty.

2. Surprise traveller

Good lord! This man was sleeping in the coach bus the whole time. Lucky him, he got to mooch off a free ride from who knows where. Now, the important question: will they let him on for the rest of the trip?

3. They said it would bring me luck

Tourists will believe anything for a cool picture. This Irish landmark at Blarney Castle is a famous place but we still think kissing an old stone upside down is not the brightest thing to do.

4. Zen equilibrium

You don’t need rock solid abs to sit on a thin but sturdy ledge… or maybe you do. This hilarious picture proves that even in zen Asian gardens, crazy things can happen.

5. Mickey horror

Mickey is nice, right? He’s friendly, loves children and brings smiles to young faces. Not this Mickey. He terrorized this poor child. We bet this family won’t be going back to Disney anytime soon.

6. Leaning tower of the crazy people

This is a hilarious photo of all the tourists getting the perfect angle for their picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They all look a bit crazy and we’re glad someone captured this moment.

7. In the belly (or butthole) of the beast

Is he looking for something? This statue in New York City is famous for its “lucky” hoof but maybe we were all wrong this whole time and the lucky part is the bull’s butt.

8. Croc tan

All great tourists wear crocs but the even better tourists wear crocs and forget to wear sunscreen on their feet so they get an incredibly ugly croc tan.

9. Who wears short shorts!

We’re not sure if this (hairy) man is making fun of girls who wear really short shorts or if this is the kind of clothes he enjoys wearing. We are betting he turned a few heads when walking down the street.

10. Wave of surprise

This poor family just wanted to take a cute picture in the water during their sun-soaked vacation but instead, they are the ones that got soaked.

11. Squirrel superstar

No, squirrels don’t exist in every country but are they really worth this photoshoot by this Asian family of tourists? No.

12. Photoshop queen

Wow! This young girl almost got us! We can’t believe her amazing photoshop skills… We can’t believe Sabrina really thinks her friend just got back from Paris.

13. When the urge strikes…

These poor tourists had no idea these two elephants were just waiting to get out of their enclosures to get down and dirty. A man and a woman have urges, alright!

14. The best landmark in town

This family has a funny idea of an unmissable landmark. We understand, there isn’t much to see in South Dakota but try to find something a bit more interesting than the “Welcome to South Dakota” sign.

15. A new friend

These three ladies were having the greatest time in the water until this marine animal latched onto their back. Just looking at this picture gives us the shivers.

16. Selfie stick queen

Selfie sticks are great for solo travellers! Just look at this woman, she doesn’t have to ask anyone for a photo in front of this beautiful monument, she can take it herself.

17. Too much time on his hands

Boys will be boys… This young man probably worked on his pile of poop sand all afternoon. We give him a 7,2 for his execution.

18. Segñor inappropriate

This guy got so tired of taking pictures with obnoxious tourists that he decided to have his own fun! Although we don’t condemn what he’s doing, you can’t help but imagine this woman’s reaction after the pinch!

19. 2 Pac 4 life

This woman thought going to California meant she had to get a tattoo of the famous (and deceased) rapper 2 Pac. No, you don’t look cooler. No, his friends won’t find you cool.