Unbelievable! They Actually Wore These Dresses At Their Prom

When you think of prom dresses, you often think of them as long and elegant. However, not all young women choose conventional dresses...


Let’s face it, prom is the highlight of the year for high school graduates. This is the culmination of several years of studies that have not always been without problems. However, this ball can be disastrous if you choose the wrong outfit. These teenage girls chose a slightly unconventional outfit for their prom. Discover them now!

1. Tuxedo or dress?

When you can’t find a date for the prom, there are some alternatives such as going with your best friend. This young woman thought of something very different: wearing a half-tuxedo and a half dress.

2. Like candy

Most people plan their prom night well in advance. However, some people do it at the last minute and find themselves without a dress. After finding nothing in local stores, this group of friends decided to take matters into their own hands and opted for what can be described as ecological dresses.

3. Protected from the rain

Some couples like to go to prom dressed according to a theme or at least with some kind of colour coordination. So this couple went to their prom by choosing a weather theme, demonstrating how their personalities complement each other. Although the young woman is dressed as colourful as a rainbow, you can’t have a rainbow without at least a little rain. That’s when her date came into play, who has a much darker personality than she does.

4. Spiky dress

It’s not just students who like to go all out at the prom. Teachers also like to impress at the end of the year event. Let’s take the example of this lady who was ready for the “Under the Sea” dance. Let’s bet she must have told her students at the beginning of the event: “Don’t get too close, otherwise you could get stabbed by one of my spikes.”

5. “I choose you!”

Why go to prom in conventional clothes when it’s possible to go as a Pokémon? If you grew up with this huge craze, which has captured the imagination of millions of children around the world, your contemporaries will certainly let you attend the prom dressed as everyone’s second favourite animated mouse (behind Mickey, of course). After all, Pikachu is one of the most coveted Pokémon in the universe.

6. A horrible camouflage…

There is matching and then there is this. We can only speculate on why they chose to dress in such a special way. It seems as if they are trying to blend into the trees, which could mean their common love for all things natural. This outfit could even reflect the natural dynamics of their relationship. However, when a couple just wants to blend in, they may not want to wear such extravagant clothes. We can still see their faces, so we have to admit that this camouflage simply does not work.

7. Made in China

When you order something online, it may not be as pretty as it looks in real life. A young woman who was in a hurry to find a prom dress decided to look on a Chinese website. When she saw the picture on the left, she knew she wanted it for the big day. However, the dress was totally different from the one she had seen on the Internet. Sometimes it’s easier to go to the store…

8. The 101 Dalmatians

If your prom is approaching, we strongly recommend that you don’t look like a dog. Unfortunately, when these young women ordered their matching dresses, they didn’t make the connection. The black dots on a white background are very reminiscent of a Dalmatian. One thing is for sure, Cruella de Ville would have been extremely proud of their choices. However, we are not so sure if we could say the same for their respective dates at their prom.

9. An eye-catching back, to say the least…

This dress is probably an anomaly on this list. While all other dresses have problems that make them horrible, this particular dress is absolutely perfect! However, it is not the dress that is at issue here. Because it is just a little too small, it stretches the back of the young woman who wears it for her prom. The final result gives the impression that she has a neckline in her back. Or even worse, it looks like a plumber’s butt crack…

10. Colour-code disaster

When it comes to dressing for prom, we have no problem with couples who want to be original. However, when the couple is too original, this can sometimes be a problem. Not only did this prom couple opt for a completely ridiculous colour combination, but the young man also decided to dye his hair red.

11. A love for Doritos

If you want to dress up for your prom, why not dress up as something you care about? Why not choose a theme that you are deeply passionate about? Let’s take the example of this young woman who loves nothing more than eating Doritos. Many years of studies and hundreds of packages later, she had the perfect idea to make a terrible dress. She washed the last package with a can of refreshing Red Bull.

12. A feline dress

You know what they say: everyone has a spirit animal. Some people are more shy creatures like mice, rabbits and koalas, while others have a more ferocious side, closer to a lion or a leopard. This teacher seemed to be more in line with the latter type of animal and wanted to translate her inner animal into her dress for the prom. In all honesty, she didn’t need the dress. This teacher was quite intimidating for the rest of the year.

13. Go big or go home

It seems it’s not just the leopard prints that people like to wear to prom. Some are more into the zebra look, like this young woman who likes to have fun. While the idea of a zebra pattern might work, the contrast with bright pink leaves much to be desired.

14. Surprise!

When you order something from a website, you hope that the dress will be like the pictures you see on the company page. Sometimes you receive a dress that does not fully match the one presented on the Internet. It is then normal to be disappointed. When you order a white dress and receive a red dress, you have the right not only to request a refund but also to get the free shipping and maybe even the dress you really wanted.

15. Patriotic pair

Let’s face it, prom is one of the best exports from the United States of America. Without the Reds, Whites and Blues, the other countries of the world would never have thought of such a good idea. The classic event of American maturity is filled with proud young patriots who are ready to serve their country in one way or another. So when this young couple said they were going to have a starred banner theme, their friends didn’t expect it to end like this…

16. A majestic bird

In all honesty, we don’t think it’s the biggest failure of the prom dress on this list. Nevertheless, it is a huge risk that this young woman took. Why choose a basic dress when you could bring your dress to life by making it look like a Sesame Street character? She may not have found a date for the prom, but there is no doubt that there will be many eyes on her dress.

17. Opt for jeans

When you choose a dress or costume for prom, there are materials that are more appropriate, such as satin and polyester. This couple decided to think outside the box and opt for a less obvious material: denim. Although jeans are not generally associated with a formal environment, these two high school lovers have chosen to choose a ballroom outfit made with this type of fabric. It must be said that they did not take into account the size of their outfit.

18. A festive outfit

This young woman was quite surprised when her friends started hitting her dress with a stick: “We thought you were a human piñata!” Although his date couldn’t help laughing at the situation, it didn’t hide the fact that he also looked ridiculous.

19. A dress that makes headlines

There is no doubt that this young woman is very familiar with contemporary events. As a budding journalism student, she knew she had to keep an eye on the big tabloids if she was ever to become a successful journalist. Then, when the prom arrived, she thought it would be appropriate to make a dress out of all the newspapers she had collected over the years. However, her dress is hideous!

20. A clown for prom

It was a real challenge for this young woman who decided to wear a suit made entirely of balloons to the prom. She had to make sure to keep her dress intact from the beginning to the end of the evening!

21. Dedicated to the cause

Although it is not clear what the theme of this prom was, there is no doubt that this couple could have used more attractive colours. We do not agree 100% with the choice of brown. We are a little more forgiving with blue and yellow, but to what end?

22. Keeping things in control

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “Trap Girl” is a trafficker of illegal substances who works in a “traphouse”. They usually carry a firearm and are extremely athletic. Although the term has been used in many songs and movies, we are concerned that this school has a self-proclaimed “Trap Girl” at its prom. If it’s just a cheeky sentence she decided to have printed on her dress, then we assume it’s fine. Otherwise, keep your distance.

23. Artistic couple

Many couples believe that they are two halves of a whole. So when these two young lovebirds showed up at their prom with this suit and dress, they really proved their worth. However, if you look at the lovebirds back to back, you can see that in reality, they have the full imprint of the face painted on each of their clothes. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty nice idea, and quite frankly, it almost didn’t make it on the list. Almost…

24. Rainbow

If it’s a themed prom, then it’s a great combination. However, if this prom had no theme, which is the case when you see the graduates around them, then this couple did something very regrettable. As you can see, the rest of their contemporaries are formally dressed while they have decided to opt for a rather unusual outfit.

25. Peace and prom

What is life if you can’t have a peaceful world to live in and have fun in? With so much hatred and war in the world, the answer is sometimes simply to wave two fingers in the air and promote peace. So when a couple went to the prom, they weren’t interested in dressing up like everyone else. They simply wanted to wave the sign of peace, strong and proud. Their friends admired the message behind the costumes, but they were certainly the strangest that night.

26. A lot of bubbles

Once again, it is another fine example of a prom dress that had the misfortune to make this list. While the dress is quite stunning in itself, any masterpiece can be tarnished by the smallest details. Take this blue dress, for example, which is eclipsed by the illusion of multicoloured bubbles floating inside.

27. Stick together

There are a few materials you would never associate with prom dresses. One of them is duct tape. Despite this, a couple decided that it would be fun to make their own costume/dress from this unconventional material. Actually, it didn’t go as badly as we expected. The colours are matching, the young man’s vest has a pretty little touch and you can say that his girlfriend is very happy with the final result. Well done. Well done.

28. Winnie

You’d expect this kind of outfit at a children’s party. But at a prom? No. It may be the dichotomy of having an adult man with a serious face while having poo bear all over his jacket.

29. Silver and gold

This is a classic example of a prom dress that could have been surprising, but with different materials. It is quite obvious that the high school graduate used aluminum foil or a glossy card to create the gold and silver flake effect. Although this dress is impressive, one cannot help but ignore the fact that the gold and silver effect looks extremely fake.

30. This dress is simply hideous!

We cannot help but assume that this young woman stole a bird’s nest, plucked the birds and used them for that horrible excuse for a prom dress. We know that high school students have themed proms to consider and that they will go to great lengths to ensure they get the dress they need. However, this dress goes beyond the limits. We are sure that this graduating woman could have found a gorgeous dress in a store without going to so much trouble.