Here Are The 20 Scariest Bridges In The World

Some people have a terrible fear of bridges. It's worse when it comes to unstable structures! Here are the top 20 scariest bridges in the world.


If you take the bus or your car every day, you probably have to take a bridge from time to time. Of course, you probably don’t go over those that cause terrible dizziness, tremors and vomiting. If you don’t like the bridges you use on a daily basis, you may appreciate them a little more after seeing these 20 structures that oscillate or are too steep to be stable.

20. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Not only is this extreme bridge the highest suspension bridge in the United States, but it also has an interesting history.

It was built in 1929, but had no wind stabilization cables, even 50 years after its construction! Since then, this structure has become a tourist attraction and even has a cable car for the bravest among us.

19. Monkey bridge, Vietnam

It is not the only one of these types of bridges in Vietnam. In fact, there are several of them in the Mekong Delta. Although one would think that only a monkey could cross this type of structure, these bridges are in fact a popular crossing point for the region’s inhabitants.

Usually made of a single piece of bamboo, the monkey bridge takes its name from the comical posture people have to adopt when they cross it.

18. Hussaini suspension bridge, Pakistan

Crossing this bridge full of holes is not something for the most fearful, it is not without reason that this bridge in Pakistan is often called the most dangerous bridge in the world.

What makes this bridge one of the most frightening in the world is not only the fall into the Hunza River below if you fall through the large cracks, but also the shredded remains of the last bridge still hanging beside it.

17. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

Technically, the newest Seven Mile Bridge is actually the second of its kind, but the first was decommissioned because it was directly in the water and did not allow boats to pass through.

Although it doesn’t look too scary, imagine driving through it during the many hurricanes in Florida…

16. Deception Pass Bridge, Washington

Driving a car across this fog-covered bridge may not seem very scary, but what if you walked on the 180 feet high pedestrian walkway?

The two bridges connect Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island, but before its construction, the islands were only accessible by ferry, some people would much prefer boat trips to the wobbly bridge…

15. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Louisiana

The longest bridge in the world to cross, this monstrosity is only 16 feet above the waves and once you venture on it, say goodbye to the land behind you.

Built in the 1950s to connect Mandeville to Metairie, it has remained one of the scariest bridges in the world since then.

14. Canopy Walk, Ghana

This is no ordinary walk in the rainforest. Suspended at 40 feet in the air, this bridge gives visitors the opportunity to walk through the trees! From birds to monkeys, it’s not just the bridge that’s scary!

Also, know that you can’t turn around and run if you’re scared, the bridge is over 1000 feet long!

13. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Hovering at 400 feet above ground level, the airlift has been closed several times for maintenance purposes, but is now fully accessible to the public. Why did it close for two years?

Rumours were circulating around Langkawi’s small resort that it was because of the potential for the bridge to collapse…

12. Mount Titlis, Switzerland

The idea of gently swinging in the breeze overlooking the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 3000 metres frightens you? The opposite would be a little surprising…

Anyway, many skiers and enthusiastic visitors to the famous mountains cross this structure every year and apparently this bridge is one of the safest in the world.

11. Vitim River Bridge, Russia

This shaky bridge has only ever been successfully crossed by a few people. There is no guardrail. However, you should know that crossing it is at your own risk: during certain times of the year, there is ice and many boards are missing.

10. Puente de Ojuela, Mexico

Once very practical for the mining town below, this bridge is now only used by pedestrians, because if a car or truck were to venture over it, it would probably not be able to cross it completely…

It has become a popular tourist attraction, as it has recently been named as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

9. Pont Quepos, Costa Rica

If the local population has given this bridge the nickname “Bridge of Death”, you know it’s probably for a good reason!

Indeed, the boards do not even cross the entire structure, leaving huge spaces on either side of the bridge.

8. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

This bridge was built in 1987 to replace the one destroyed when a huge oil tanker collided with a wharf, killing 35 people in 1980.

After the disaster, the bridge suffered much stigmatization, worsened by the fact that since its construction, more than 200 people had committed suicide.

7. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Want to ride a roller coaster by car? That’s what you’ll do if you venture onto this Japanese bridge.

This bridge is most frightening with a slope of 6.1% and a height of 144 feet.

6. Bridge of Immortals, Huang Shang China

If you have the courage to cross this mountainous bridge, you will not only have spectacular views of the mountains, but you will also have the opportunity to look down on the clouds like a god.

However, to get to the bridge, the trail itself could be even more frightening.

5. Montenegro rainforest, Costa Rica

What better way to discover one of the world’s most diverse tropical forests than in the middle of trees?

Be careful where you walk or you could fall on one of the missing boards and end up on the rainforest ground.

4. U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

No, this bridge is not under construction, this is just what it looks like.

With the piers straight out of the water and extending over a kilometre long, it is not surprising that this bridge has become such a tourist attraction.

3. Storseisundet Bridge, Norway

If you enjoy the feeling of heart palpitations when you are about to descend from a steep roller coaster, then you will love this unique Norwegian bridge.

In some ways, it looks like the bridge is collapsing, but you have to try it to believe it!

2. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, North Ireland

Suspended 30 metres above the rocks, the beach and the water, this bridge is so terrifying that some who cross it to see the beautiful island on the other side refuse to return over the bridge. In addition, to use the bridge, you must pay a crossing fee!

1. Sidu River Bridge, China

This steel tilting structure is known as the highest bridge in the world and connects Shanghai to Chongqing.

Built for only US$100 million in 2009, this bridge not only offers a breathtaking view of the valley, but is also one of the strongest bridges ever built to date.

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